Is there any way of going into VM quicker?


I am very busy these days with work, away on different days in the week, if I hit VM, I cannot play at all, and have to wait 2 days for it to activate. The way things are, I cannot play this way, it is basically an open invite, the enemy is waiting to see when I am off VM and then they send their attacks in the knowledge that I am probably not around, and unless there is a way of going into VM quicker, I will have to go into VM pretty much permanently.

Is there a way?

Corinthian II

Unfortunately no, there's no way to enter VM faster. You just have to activate it and wait 48 hours, sorry.


You can still play in the 48 hours it takes to activate except for the inability to attack. Similarly, VM must be active for at least 24 hours before you can cancel it.