Is this dead? What's happening in OCEAN VETERANS vs BALKAN BOYZ? World News anyone?

The rawr

So this server is dead or still alive? grepolife shows heavy activity though but this forum seems to be completed dead. Last post on April 18?

What's going on inside? Hows the war between OV and BB folding up??
What's M.A.D. and Greeks are doing?


its sad...people with no life..op the same people twicw a week for 6 weeks straight for 20 30 hours straight each op cuz they live at home in mammas basement using daddy's credit card to play a game..yes a game...u guys ruin what use to be s fun game a loooonng time ago...get a life..a girlfriend..a family..move our of mammas basement finally and get out into the world... You know..i find it a compliment that yall are copying and pasting my profile to the forum..u prove my point of having no sit here and read everyones profile..then to take the time to put into a external forum that im not even registered wow u prove my point over and over and over again..guess u need something to do in between oping people for 30 hours straight and mammas daily's "special" time with just you and her lol You know what the externals are for talk...not to talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk....see where im going with this...just talk..never act..just background noize that fades out when no one listens..whats there to listen to when no ones listening.... ...criket criket Is funny as well..couple spells and mac man crys like a lil girl to his me help me..hes picking on me lmao

The rawr

ok Nicker, I just got no clue what you are talking about. This game is always like this. If you play Grepolis, you by default will have no RL. You can either play grepolis that way or just get rimmed. Sorry mate, not insulting or anything, its just the truth of CQ servers. You can always swap cities with your team mates who is more active and have more fire-power.

About Balkans, yes, it's just sad. We have given so much effort in this world, did so many things. Won the most difficult wars in this world. Kicked three most prominent world contenders from their throne by invading inside their kingdom. All of that went to nothing.

I love OCEAN VETERANS too. They took me in, in one of the past servers where everyone left me. They believed me in days when no one could believe me. I could never act against such an alliance and specially against Missus and Hippo... My friendship with them goes beyond this server and beyond alliance. So I thought, it's best for me to move away when our folks decided to test themselves against OV. It was a bad move for Balkans for sure. I always view OV and Balkans as combined winner of this server in my time here, but well.

I love Balkans here, I am one of them still. It's just sad how things turned out here for us. I wish this never happened and I wish that this last war would have been against some other alliance than OV.