Island Quests and First 7 Days Login Rewards



Island Quests and First 7 Day Login Rewards

Hello players and forum goers,

Today we want to reveal to you the next features to be implemented with version 2.39: the Island Quests and the new First 7 Days Login Reward system.

Island Quests

Island Quests are a new way to individualize your personal play style. At the beginning of the game every 2 hours an Island Quest will be randomly generated to appear on your island. Simply click it to see what is being offered to you.

Every Island Quest will ask you to choose a path and make a decision with different challenges. This way the game remains versatile to your own wishes and needs. In mid and late game the Island Quests will spawn less often, but by then your towns will have grown, and therefore, challenges will be greater – which also affects your rewards, of course!

There can be a maximum of 2 Island Quests per island and a maximum of 10 available Island Quests per player. Players cannot accept more than 4 Island Quests at a time. Difficulty and reward levels of Island Quests are being calculated in relation to a player’s average points on the island this quest will spawn with a total of 9 individual levels.

Each Island Quest offers two individual solutions to complete it – usually one aggressive path and another one that is more peaceful. Once an Island Quest has been accepted and the path chosen, players will have to accept the challenge and fill up their progress bar to 100% with whatever is needed to complete the quest before the reward can be claimed. Only cities located on the same island as the Island Quest itself can contribute to the quest goal. Once the reward is claimed, players can choose to use it on their currently activated city or stash the reward in their inventory.

First 7 Days Login Reward

The next new feature is a new reward system. This does not replace the daily reward but actually rewards the first 7 login days on your account for each world you are playing on. This means every new day you login on a world you will be able to collect this reward – one at a time and starting with number 1 – until you have done it 7 times. Unlike the daily reward, these rewards do not have to be claimed on 7 consecutive days.

With each new day the rewards will increase in value. Make sure to pick them up in order to make your starting phase a lot more comfortable!

We hope you like these new features and can’t wait until you can have a go at them. Feel free to share your thoughts and feedback in these discussion threads:

Thank you,
Your Grepolis Team