Inactive Topic Island Quests Availability

Galib Abrar

Firstly, hoping that I have the permission to make 2 entries for the competition. Here it goes. Another improvement idea.

Proposal: Improvement to island quests, more availability for larger players.

Reason: It's been like a month since I got my last "Fast Troop Movement" reward from the quests. Also, many other rewards I haven't seen in last couple of days. This is not a personal problem, I guess many suffers the same way. This improvement can cause at least some help to the larger players. And I believe this will be appreciated by many.

Details: I don't know if this was mentioned earlier, too messy to check. For bigger players, one quest arrives every 8 hours. This does not help totally as many quests are repeated (Although probably randomly arrives). To improve this, I suggest 1 quest should arrive every 6 hours. This will gradually increase just 1 quest per day. But even that is better than having less chance of getting a specific buff. We might need one specific buff suddenly, and I believe it is too hard to find that one among just 3 quests per day. 1 more can just add chances to it. There is a balance method mentioned below.

Visual Aids: None Required

Balance/Abuse Prevention: To balance stuff, the awarded 8 coins of War/Wisdom can be reduced to 6 coins of War/Wisdom. Don't think balancing in the enact-able rewards are required.