Newspaper Istros Global Newspaper Issue I


Istros Global Newspaper Issue I
Newspaper Creator: TheLastKnight

Source: Info Lookup

Time/Date Info Viewed
7/8/2018 18:00:00

Speed -3
Unit Speed - 3
Alliance Cap - 60
Beginners Protection: 7 Days
Morale - Active

Table of Contents
I. Top 6 : Sink or Swim

II. Ocean Analysis
III: Wars
IV: Rumor Mill
V: 5 Recent Conquests
VI: Game

I. Top 6 Sink or Swim

- 4,475,668 Points - Attackers(Alliances) : 1,448,840
- 59 Players - Defenders(Alliances) : 164,919

Alliance has a lot of potential and continuing to fill there O54 and seems to have a very nice core. 2nd in Attackers with 1,448,840 points so we know this is a fighting alliance. VICTRIX players has a lot of history together on many worlds, so always good to be a big family. I could see a good fight either was they go if they decide to go toward O44 and fight Thermopylae or go south toward O55 and fight Waste Management. I see both being good fights so I guess we just wait and see what happens. SWIM

2. Thermopylae
- 4,229,547 Points - Attackers(Alliances) : 1,566,840
- 59 Players - Defenders(Alliances) : 465,818
Thermopylae is another alliance that I see that has a lot of experience under there belt and see some great players from past worlds in there rankings. Thermopylae has a nice core in O44 and seems to be growing at good rates even with all the wars they are facing. Thermopylae seems to be fighting Bloods with 9 conquers from Signed in Blood this one seems to be them winning. Thermopylae also seems to be fighting Waste at the moment with it being back and forth they take a few and then Waste takes a few. Thermopylae seems to be murdering Nocturnos though with it being 79 - 0 which also put Nocturnos at first in Defenders(Alliance). I see this alliance being around for a while. SWIM

3. Waste Management
- 3,976,055 Points - Attackers(Alliances) : 641,102
- 56 Players - Defenders(Alliances) : 301,027

Waste Management has a nice core in O55 and seems to be growing at good rates. This alliance actually split apart from Gods due to the main founder. A lot of good players from many worlds are here and seem to be at war with Thermopylae, seems to be a good fight but looking at the stats they seem to holding there on. Yes they have lost about 12-14 cities but have gained about 5 of there own from Thermopylae. Gods was the alliance this team came from and most of the players are still here just moved to this alliance to keep with the good leadership that was running Gods. I see this alliance staying around for a while also. SWIM

4. Written In Blood
- 2,329,569 Points - Attackers(Alliances) : 598,856
- 60 Players - Defenders(Alliances) : 128,168

Bloods are a well known alliance from multiple worlds and know they have my respect for the way leadership runs thing over there. I see Bloods have a nice core in O45 and seems to be growing at good rate also with also securing there core more. Bloods seem to be at war with Thermopylae and seems both alliance are eating cities from the secondary from each like Bloods have 5 conquers from Thermocouple and Thermopylae has 9 conquers from Signed in Bloods. That is the only major war I see this alliance facing right now and just eating up smaller alliances around them at the same time. I see this alliance swimming around O45 for a good while. SWIM

5. Thermocouple
- 1,987,405 Points - Attackers(Alliances) : 142,406
- 54 Players - Defenders(Alliances) : 189,440

^See Number 2^

6. Nocturnos
- 1,381,094 Points - Attackers(Alliances) : 326,815
- 60 Players - Defenders(Alliances) : 613,772

Nocturnos started out as a nice growing alliance and seemed like they could have a future on this server but then they met Thermopylae and begin being eat 0 - 79 I don't see much of a future more for this alliance and don't really see nothing else to say looking at there stats. SINK

II. Ocean Anaylsis

- Thermopylae 3,3124,879 Points 398 Cities (BLUE)
- Thermocouple 814,268 Points 132 Cities (BLUE)
- Nocturnos 570,687 Points 106 Cities (RED)

- VICTRIX 4,224,403 Points 540 Cities (RED)
- FERRATA 700,861 Points 110 Cities (Blue)
- Waste Management 480,186 Points 71 Cities (Green)



- Written In Blood 2,268,424 Points 346 Cities (RED)
- Signed In Blood 1,153,838 Points 223 Cities (RED)
- Thermocouple 1,143,557 Points 191 Cities (Green)
*Better watch out in this ocean The Lost Boys are here :O*


- Waste Management 3,068,184 Points 385 Cities (BLUE)
- Kraken 750,618 Points 154 Cities (RED)
- Waste Management. 549,678 Points 105 Cities (BLUE)


III. Wars

VICTRIX VS Sons Of fear
61 - 0
Thermopylae VS Waste Management
14 - 5
Thermopylae VS Nocturnos
79 - 0
Thermopylae VS Written in Bloods
9 - 0
Waste Management VS Kraken
15 - 2
Waste Management VS THE BARBARIANS
11 - 0
The Lost Boys VS Bad Apples
6 - 0

IV. Rumor Mill
- The most active alliance is ancients with 98% active players in the last 24 hours.
- Crazy Knights are not holding very well against VICTRIX. They've lost 13 cities and taken 0.
- The least active alliance is KAOS with 77% active players in the last 24 hours.

V. 5 Recent Conquests

08.07.2018, 18:40 [town]16187[/town] 1697 Ghost city Violeta73
08.07.2018, 18:31 [town]3066[/town] 512 der1 jnr92
Signed In Blood
08.07.2018, 18:31 [town]6663[/town] 509 picas68 foxteri
Signed In Blood
08.07.2018, 18:12 [town]7883[/town] 11550 damise
ancients Albilnonno
Waste Management
08.07.2018, 18:04 [town]16371[/town] 1944 wanda.p
MAC's General Store NXB999
Written In Blood

VI. Game

Please guess the word phrase to gain a Happiness spell and 2,500 of each resource.
Grepolis Related.
Something you Wish
2 Letters First Word
6 Letters Second Word

-- ------

*Next Issue*

New Maps

Thanks for reading!
I hope you enjoyed the first issue too Istros Global Newspaper!
TLK Signing Out!​


Excellent issue! Perhaps interviews for next time?


80 Mantis? I'm I allowed to ask if Mantis is the second word?


Im glad the crazy knights are getting what is coming to them i would swear to create effect, but its banned here lel


oh kids like you won't have any gXXX reXXXX

What? I dont understand please phrase so it makes sense. I imagine you are insulting me but eh i cant tell so make your intentions clear, thanks


So here are a few guesses to the game challenge. I personally thought it was impossible at first. And I probably still got it wrong. Im just throwing stuff out there:
  1. No troops
  2. No harbor
  3. No cheats
  4. No golder
  5. No payers
  6. No revolt
  7. No towers
  8. No statue
  9. No botter
  10. No hugger
  11. No simmer
  12. No morals
  13. No admins
  14. No limits
  15. No farmer
  16. No drunks
  17. No spammy
  18. No babies
  19. No quiter
  20. No quests
  21. No heroes
  22. No emojis
  23. No rumors
  24. No Apples
  25. No Kraken
  26. No Bloods
  27. No Istros
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no glitch? Nice news paper, looking forward to the next!


It has only been a few days since the last one, which looked like it took a lot of time to put together


Yeah I literally just put this out no newspaper will be for a while if I continue to do them I may be leaving this world for the conquest anyway so I don’t know if I’ll continue.