It Is With All Sincerity I Do Apologize


I happened upon a group, standing in a circle, and when looking up them I knew them to be Heroes. Do not ask me how I knew this to be the case, for it was an insight of which I am unaccustomed.

One in particular lived not too far from my borders. And so, we set to work to show our appreciation for such a Hero, who likes to stand in a circle. Our ordered our shipwright to begin building great and powerful ships. I ordered our horse riders, our goat protectors with slings and our spear carrying protectors to go out into the fields and gather flowers of all types.

Finally, after all the ships were built and the flowers were collected, we built one last, giant, massive ship and filled it with women and children. Their arms full of flowers and good tidings for this spherical hero.

Sadly, He and his friends mistook the nature of our adventure. A battle began, ships were sunk, and the poor women and children upon that very slow vessel now lay at the bottom of the sea, to swim with the fishes. There will be much mourning and gnashing of teeth in our sorry and pathetic villages on this day. For while some of the brave warriors who left on this journey, arms filled with floral presents, managed to escape the slaughter, all of our ships were sunk, and wives, sons and daughters will come home no more.

Therefore, I wish to apologize to this hero, who walks in circles. Clearly I did not understand just how mighty and heroic he truly is! Flowers for such a one as he? Never again shall I send such an insult to his doors.

I just hope he does not raise up a mighty army and come for vengeance, for we are a humble people with no weapons of our own and wide open gates. Please forgive us for our insolence.

If only we had known you didn't like flowers.

Baggi the Coward


My friend.. We did not know that you came bearing such gifts. We are truly sorry that the women and children perished in such a way. A tragic waste of precious life.. :( We thought you came to relieve us of our wood, stone and silver which we would gladly give to anyone bearing flowers but mistook your intentions and for that we are truly sorry. We too are a peace loving people (P) so imagine our horror when we had to turn our maypoles into spears and thrust them into the loins of your soldiers..:eek: In our land a Hero is anyone who can dance around a maypole whilst making garlands and the Circle of which you speak is the indentation made in the grass around our tallest maypole. Lament with me brother, tis an unfortunate thing that happened on this most terrible of days..

Brir.. The hippie...


Brir .. I do believe i saw you attack in that last bloodbath. I assume you escaped again?
Drit, your eyes are getting worse. I can guarantee you never saw Brir attack. He know better than to get in a javelins range of our spartans. He has Troops that he sends to attack. Roman dogs as we call them.

He is a wise man.


I'm an old incontinent coward, and I am no fool. I would never dare to attack the mighty Spartans but what can I do about the young men of the cities?

They hear stories of glory on the battlefield and not knowing the true horrors of war they thrust themselves into the fray without thought of consequences, they ignore my protestations as would anyone. Who has respect for a man such as I? Certainly not these young fools.

You did see me Dritki, I jumped aboard the last fast transport in a final attempt to persuade these young rascals that this was a foolhardy thing they had undertook but I had the sense to stay on board and hot tailed it out of there as soon as they disembarked.. Ah the young. What can we do? :rolleyes: