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Ithaca Informer
Welcome to this edition of the Ithaca Informer. Today we have inteviews with Ituralde of Riot, Baudin Toolan of Deus Ex Birema and lavender2011 of IMMORTAL SLAYERS. This weeks special request was chosen by Skullyhoofd. Enjoy.

Alliance Rankings:

1.Ile Basilike
2.Insane Asylum
3.Deus Ex Birema
4.As Athens Burns
6.Inglorious Basterds
7.Assassin Nation
8.Dark Anarchy
10.Val Di Compare
11.Extraordinary Gentlemen


1.Deus Ex Birema
2.As Athens Burns
3.Ile Basilike
4.Insane Asylum
5.Inglourious Basterds
8.Val Di Compare
11.Grim Sleepers

TimeLine of Ithaca's SIGNIFICANT Events
-Forums Open
-World Opens
-Australian Army joins
-Deus Ex Birema founded
-AA joins Dux Vox's Alliance
-Some noob starts a paper called Ithaca Informer
-AA joins the terrible Blood Thirst then miserable Grim Sleepers
-First ABP to alex the great 7
-Everyone kills eachothers swordsmen
-First Conquer
-Ile Basilike v.s. Grim Sleepers
-Some noobs start IMMORTAL SLAYERS
-Ile Basilike owns Grim Sleepers
-AA's friend conquered
-cyprus64 hits #1
-Ile Basilike and Deus Ex Birema express their dominance
-AA builds his first horse
-Present Day Ithaca, Population:30 000, Noob Population:75%

Interview with Ituralde of Riot
Why did you join Riot?
I was a leader in SL and after we deposed Gerrard13100 for negligence and being a twit I was charged with fixing all the issues that had sprung up. Fixing everything that was wrong with SL proved to be nigh impossible, so after consulting with the top players we resolved that we needed a new alliance. I founded Riot shortly after disbanding SL, based on the vision that I had been unable to affect in the old alliance.

Where do you think Riot stands on a scale of Noob-Elite?
We're all noobs mate, I've been playing this game for 16 months and I still learn something new every week. ;) Specifically, Riot has a good mix of veterans and new players. This game is all about the time you are able to invest and whether you bother to understand the finer mechanics of the game-- and I intend that anybody in Riot who is interested in understanding those will.

Where do you see Riot in 1 year?
To be honest, I don't even know where I'll be living one year from now. A year is a long time, and if Riot is still here that will imply that we've survived morale and the inactivity in the long-term that accompanies it, several major wars (possibly against coalitions), major merges, leadership changes and the clash of egos that invariably accompanies good players. If a year from now Riot is remembered as a great alliance that was a lot of fun and fought hard that's enough for me.

Do you think any alliances are a threat? If so, How?
The alliances that concern me most are Minoan Knights and Myrmiddons--that is, my concern is that they'll run out of cities for us to take!

Interview with Baudin Toolan of Deus Ex Birema
Why did you join Deus Ex Birema?
I joined Deus Ex Birema because a friend, whom I joined the server with, had started an alliance with a few others. Seeing as how nobody else of note was in the area I joined the little group named DeB. Still quite shocked at how well the leadership and the members have done.

How many revolt worlds have you played on?
I think I've played every revolt world for at least a week. However I only stuck around on Theta, Psi, Delphi, and now here. I've had the good luck to bump into some great players on the servers I stuck around on.

Is there any new or unexperienced players in Deus Ex Birema?
Yeah we've got quite a few new players and some older players who are learning some of the finer details of the game. Luckily we've got some very nice experienced players willing to walk them through the basics. Best part is they learn quite fast, not so great part is that a few of them are growing quicker than some of us veterans.

Do you think Deus Ex Birema will last until World Wonders?
I think every alliance has a chance at making it to the World Wonder Era, might be that ours has more of a chance. For every alliance that has come out of the gate strong and stayed that way till the end there are 2 more that came out strong only to crumble months later. Here's to hoping we're the former.

Interview with lavender2011 of THE MIGHTY IMMORTAL SLAYERS, lol, IMMORTAL SLAYERS
Why did you found IMMORTAL SLAYERS?

Why is the name in all caps?

What do you think your future is going to be?

What do you think IMMORTAL SLAYERS falls into, MRA or Elite?

Even though i am listed is a founder, the actual founder is OSMANLI TOKATI.
The name was transferred from the world Byzantum where a lot of players from that server still play.
I've played in worlds like Sigma, where when the time with the World Wonders comes in, you have to be one of the top alliances to compete and actually win the game. This is the main reason i am applying to Ile Basilike. I know we can all give a lot to each other.
Sadly, IMMORTAL SLAYERS has no future, it did not develop the way it was suppose to, many alliances gained advantage and our current alliance unfortunately is disbanding.

Kangas Alliance Rant
Things have been livening up within the new world of Ithaca. Deus have remained at the top, but are closely followed by Ile Basilike, Riot and As Athens Burns. With only 35k between their total points, we have to look at the average to truely understand which has the upper hand. Deus has achieved an average of 13330, which is ahead of 2nd by almost 5k. Clear dominance... In other news, Republica seems to be getting its act together, lowering the player count and also boosting their average by a substancial amount. Not only have they done this, but they've done it while maintaining a decent spot on the leaderboard. After 5th, the alliances take a massive blow in points, Inglorious Basterds being 80k below Republica, and IMMORTAL SLAYERS being 125k below Inglorious. IMMORTAL SLAYERS has the worst average until 17th (Viking Brotherhood), so I'm expecting them to fall within a month, from 7th to 10th, at least. Anonymous seems to be holding up, but they seem to be slowly, slowly dropping, from their high point at the start of the world. Val Di Compare on the otherhand is making a comeback! (lol) I shouldn't laugh really, because they're doing a good job with such crappy leadership.

The rest of the top alliances are 'Meh' both in terms of Total Points, Average Points and Player Counts. A newb to the top 12 is Assassin Nation (10th), and they don't seem to be doing anything significant at this point in time. If they stay clear of the top fellas, and don't declare any major wars they should last 3 weeks at least. In 12th though, is the Minoan Knights. I just thought I put a shout out here, because these guys have been consistantly hammered by other alliances, and are still standing! Congratulations guys. I don't know whether you'll survive your wars, but you're definitely putting up a fantastic fight. You know that episode of The Simpsons where Homer becomes a boxer, trained by Moe? In that episode, he can't hit because it makes him very fatigued, so he just takes hits and pushes them over when they get tired... That's Minoan Knights in Ithaca! I'm really hoping these guys can jump on the attack wagon, and get in some hits of their own.

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You guys do a really good job on this, keep it up. Lottery number 11.