Newspaper Ithaca Informer Issue One



Ithaca Informer
Welcome to the First Issue of the Ithaca Informer. The next issue will be released within 2 weeks time. This newspaper is about the community, if you have any suggestions, stories, facts or bloopers please submit them in a PM.

Alliance Rankings
1.*Black Angles*
3.Val Di Compare
4.Superium Legacy
7.Dues Ex Birema
10.Inglorious Basterds (think they mean bastards)
11.Dark Fleet Elite

Interview with Ray93 of Superium Legacy

Do you have any tips for beginners starting in a revolt world?
Have a lot of time that is all.

What is it like being part of one of the "dominant" alliances?
Fun but I will not say that we are dominant until after BP is over.

What experience have you had on past servers?
-Lambda - Omnicron - Chi - Rho - Delphi

What is your allliances long term goal?
To dominate our core then the rest of the world :)

Interview with GoKillANoob3

Why did you join this world?
After leaving Gamma a while ago, I kept around the forums abit and this world caught my eye with world speed two, so I decided to join and make my mark on grepolis once again :p

What does Deus Ex Birema mean?
It is Latin.
Deus ex Birema = God of vessels

What is your alliances long term goal?
Our long term goal is too keep up and improve the status we hold as elite players, and to use our experience and knowledge to conquer ocean 55 and eventually the world.

Where do you see your alliance in 1 month?
In one month we would expect to be top of ocean 55 and put a few MRA's in there places.

Alliance Talk
After the release of Dux Vox's map, I started to wonder why there are so many alliances denying MRA status. Quite a few of this forums threads have Myriad/Nike related Non MRA posts. Myriad is not an MRA so far but things can change quickly. Neither is Nike. The only MRA's in this world are -Anonymous-Hack-, BIOHAZARD and *Black Angels*. Some people are saying Dark Elite Fleet but I honestly can't call an alliance an MRA because of their average until a month has past. There are a few names that have come from other servers like Nike (Heraklion), Myriad (Lambda) and Inglorius Basterds(Corinth, the only one I hate but its personal). This server is fortunate in the fact that there is not many MRA's, great leadership spreadout through alliances and quite a few well known players. So Myriad/Nike...stop denying you are MRA's because you aren't and PLEASE someone confiscate the CAPS button from BIOHAZARD, IMMORTALS, IMMORTAL SLAYERS and THE LEGION OF CHAOS.​

Battle Points
Congratulations to alex the great 7 for getting the 1st 5 batte points. Well done. Im sure by tomorrow someone will have over 100.

How Ithaca was made:
At the start, there were few...less than 1000. They were spreadout across many oceans, especially four center ones. One per island and everything was peaceful...but then. Villages sprouted out of nowhere creating disturbances but still noone wanted to make the "first move". It was many days of peace however someone ruined it...pulling the plug on the very thing that was keeping this world in line. This evil creation attacked a peaceful village and killed 5 troops. Yet somehow, he lost none. The other villages started building their own individual armies and formed powerful alliances with familiar names. Some rough and brutal while others are peaceful. People began to communicate on a strange device called "The Externals" and rumour, anger and laughs were created. But is this all in vain, because in 2012 years the World will End. Those who were successful will go to Heroes Heaven. The others...hell (Whining about being rimmed).

All New info will be displayed in the Ithaca Informer Headquarters. Which will be created in a few days.

An advertisement column will be displayed if any wishes to pay either + rep or 500 resources. Must provide own images, text, size.​
Fun AND Games lol.jpg

This game will work as a lotto. Post your numbers below. From 1-5 and I will do a random draw to get winner. Winners receive +Rep.​

And thats all for this week. Sorry about there only being 2 interviews, 1 is on Vacation Mode and the other does not wish to answer questions about their alliance. Please post suggestions in the Ithaca Informer Headquarters. Creative Writer Spot Available.
Any persons offended by this paper or answers by people who were interviewed can raise the issue with me because they have no responsibility what was posted and/or used as I edit it if its innapropriate for audience.


I think it's too early to start making issues, I won't make one for my paper before BP ends, cause there's nothing interesting to write about,
but still, good job


The thing is, even though its so early and there is nothing much interesting to write, Australian Army still finds a way. It might not be the best newspaper, but its a start.


excellent work as there wasn't much to report but you still made it nicely so +rep from me
and I would like to take no. 4


I want the number 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164


It can be 2 digit numbers it can only use digits1-5 btw. Gold I would like to to I dont think thats Xis hero