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Ithaca Informer
Special Edition

Welcome all to the Special 5th Edition of the Ithaca Informer. Todays request was chosen by Khupa. The request was which alliances to interview. So we have an interview with nodcrush of As Athens Burns and Doctor Fox of Extraordinary Gentlemen. As stated previously anyone who comments will get a +REP. This issue will not have Kanga's alliance rant because he has unfortunately quit. I'd like you all to welcome jacobst333. His first article will be next issue.

Alliance Rankings:
2.Deus Ex Birema
3.As Athens Burns
4.Inglorious Basterds
6.Extraordinary Gentlemen
7.Grimm Sleepers (Really...still here)
8.Dark Anarchy
9.Assassin Nation
10.ALLIANCE OF TAURUS (Where do these all cap alliances come from?)
11.New Model Army
12.The Avengers

1.Deus Ex Birema
3.As Athens Burns
5.Dark Anarchy
6.Val Di Compare
9.Extraordinary Gentlemen
10.New Model Army'
11.Grimm Sleepers

Interview with nodcrush of As Athens Burns
Your alliance has over 100 members, how is your leadership coping with this?and having lots of members can be a hassle at times but i'v figured out ways since theta to train them all quickly and effectively. it can be a pain pointing out individual flaws sometimes and helping make adjustments but if its for the benefit of the player then its always worth it in my book.

Do you think As Athens Burns is at its peak or will it continue to rise?As long as AAB members continue to work hard, coordinate, and be aggressive we will always continue to rise.

How did you come up with As Athens Burns and why is your profile soooooo long?
i came up with it when i was 16 im not exactly sure how i came up with it but i liked the sound of it and decided to use it. and it make it long for 3 reasons. 1. to cover general things. 2. past AAB alliances have history and achivements i like to share 3. im a cocky 18 year old who likes to talk (;

Where do you see As Athens Burns in 1 month?
i see them in many places 1 month is a long time to expand and conquer the oceans we want. if you ment rank wise probably 1st or 2nd.

Interview with Doctor Fox of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Why did you found Extraordinary Gentlemen?
Because in real life, me and my friends call Extraordinary Gentlemen.. :) and I want to make alliance .. :))

What principles does Extraordinary Gentlemen follow?
Above all, honor, honesty, fairness, friendship...

Are you really gentlemen? You don't seem to be gentle I conquered a city!
The goal is to win other cities. is not it? This is a game .. :))

Where do you see Extraordinary Gentlemen in 1 month?
I do not want to bet a lot. for now I am satisfied with this game and I am glad that I met people all over the world thanks to the alliance

Ithaca Alliance Discussion-with AA, A Sense of Place, Ituralde and Kanga(some of it)
AA:Hey guys hows it going?
Ituralde:pretty good thanks
A Sense of Place:Awesome as ever
AA:Well now that your all here, What are the key characteristics of an elite alliance and which alliances on Ithaca have these?
Kanga:The key characteristics of an elite alliance are coordination, good leadership, and the ability to listen/ act, and make decisions based on short notice. Alliances that have this in Ithaca are Deus, Riot, Minoan Knights, and to a smaller extent, Val Di Compare.
A Sense of Place:The key characteristics of an elite alliance are a solid leadership, aggressiveness, coordination, and to prove the phrase "Quality over quantity". Alliances that have this are Deus, Riot, and Spectre, as well as Ile Basilike and As Athens Burns to a certain extent.
Ituralde:I think Kanga and A Sense of Place are correct in all of those traits mentioned above. I would only add that an elite alliance has excellent communication between alliance members, has minimal dead-weight and fosters a type of community that transcends the game. These are players that will lose cities for each other, kill off their entire armies for no other reason than to help a friend, and help each other grow. While you can't always get to know everybody in an elite alliance, generally you can get to interact with a small group of friends that you get to know and like.

Elite alliances aren't always about always winning either-- most elite alliances have good and bad patches, and the true strength of those elite alliances shines through when the players are outnumbered, outgunned and just keep fighting on because they know they're with friends regardless of the outcome.
AA: So what is the best way to show your alliances dominance and organisation?
A Sense of Place:Well, the best way to show your alliances dominance and organisation depends on how early the world has started. If is early, prove yourself by wiping the MRAs off the map. If it is later in the game, prove yourself by taking control of your ocean. When the game gets much later in, prove yourself by gaining dominance of other oceans the pose a threat to yours.
AA:Bad luck guys, Kangas been rimmed. Just us now
Ituralde:I think a good war with another top alliance is always good for showing off dominance and organization. Centrally located players with good statistics mean little if you can't defend your territory or expand from there.
AA: OK thankyou all for answering those questions to replace Kangas Alliance Rant this week. Great Work:p
A Sense of Place: No problem
Ituralde:Yeah no worries
The above may of had some "fluff" added to it.

Alliance Changes:

This week the alliance Ile Basilike merged into Riot smoothly securing Riot top spot. Myriad and Minoan Knights have started to crumble and New Model Army has risen. Grimm Sleepers has returned from the dead...literally and Inglourious Basterds has made a 3rd alliance. Congratulations to them.

Thats right you know what time it is...LOTTERY TIME$$$$$$
Pick a number from 1-8. I will use the randomiser yet again to decide the winner. You pick one of the numbers from 1-8 then in approximately 24 hours I will find the winner. If your number (1-8) is the first to double up you will get +REP and anything you want for the next issue.

Lottery No:2
Just because this is a special issue I will pick a number from 1-10, first one to guess it gets +REP and anything they want for the next issue.
HINT:Its not 1

Goodnight/day Ithacans and see you when my CS is in your harbour. + REP IF YOU COMMENT!!!!$$$$FTW...
Any persons offended by this paper or answers by people who were interviewed can raise the issue with me because they have no responsibility what was posted and/or used as I edit it if its innapropriate for audience.


glad to join next issue

not my city. lol

I'm guessing one for the second lottery and three for the first.
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Coming from ALLIANCE OF TAURUS I can tell you the caps is not an accident. Riot (mostly originally Ile Basilike) has been constantly harassing us, and we have made it through. I might lose a city to them tonight, but then again, probably not.. :) haha GL to all

Australian Army

All caps is a stereotype(for me) of an MRA. Thats because many of them fail within a month


Haha well we will see how long we last :p haha. We arent an MRA. IMO :) The CAPS are just for... Idk? Ask Alliance leaders lol :p Haha have a good day :)

Corinthian II

You realize we are in a pact with you. And it's called merges.
Negotiating a merge with another alliance, so that they join you, is still recruiting. Thus, making your alliance a 'Mass recruiting alliance'. Jeez, you really are simple, aren't you.


At least my alliance isn't losing a city every other minute.

Corinthian II

At least my alliance isn't losing a city every other minute.
No, your alliance already lost all your good cities when you tried to go to war with Riot. Then when Riot realised that your members were too pathetic to put up resistance, they moved on to other matters.

You are just so adorable, when you try to make other people look bad.


You realize we are in a pact with you. And it's called merges.
I do realize it... Soo??? :) Haha Jacobs. Merges are pretty good, until all the deadweight starts pulling your Alliance down :) No hard feelings though. Just kind of don't like stupid comments... As Im pretty sure you do not either. Thats all mate.. ;)