Pnp It's a Fairy Tale....


Of course, Atti, just a simple question? How do you feel about betraying people who were trusted you?

From that sentence two things are clear.

1,. Anything you type is not simple.
2. You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. I stayed loyal to my friends and left venom to do so. I was not the first one to cast a stone, nor was I the first one to bad mouth my friends or our desire to not play with certain people you choose to continue to play with.

I like the people I play with now. It makes the game so much more enjoyable. I'd nearly forgotten that in the quagmire of insults floating around the council room in Venom. As a point of interest, if my intent was to betray Venom, I would have done so from inside the leadership circle. I did not, I don;t like the people you call leaders, simple as that, but guess what, I didn;t come to that conclusion first, the entirety of RUSE came to that conclusion and decided to leave or not join Venom, you should be looking at why that is, not why I decided to stay loyal to them.