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  1. I just want to comment on some things said about Jen and her abilities as a player. She is an amazing player and one of the best. She would never ever send troops without LS escort, unlike a lot of 'top' players.

    Just because Ceno defended well doesn't mean people can say Jen attacks aren't very good cos it's far from it. I've rarely seen a player with the skills she has and anyone that wants to comment should only comment on the truth.

    cheers :)

    Lozza xx
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  2. Jennesis

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    Ha! Thanks lozz!!!! Yeah...if you're gonna insult me at least make it real, right? That is...if you can find something real to chide me about ;)

    As for defending well. I guess that depends on your definition of a good defense. If turning your city into Turtle Pie is the definition of a good defense then TDC definitely qualifies.

    I actually broke my toe on this brick of defense :p

    Really guys? 10K swords? that really another 10K archers...and 4K hoplites??? Chariots, pegasi?

    I guess we now have an explanation for why Sylis attacks with Biremes and can't manage to send clearing runs for his CS.

    Edit: That spy report was taken AFTER I hit him with 1600LS (roughly 14K ABP from that so I guess I can't complain too much)
  3. aveugle

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    Funny thing...

    when we send 3 times less attacking forces on the same amount of Evo cities and we take 3 of them, then it is an example of shining Evo style defence. How graciously the other 3 cities were defended! (by stacking them to the top of course)
    Not to mention how much late support we discover in every taken Evo city.

    But when TDC stacks the cities before to be taken - then it is a lame "turtle" style?
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  4. lol no we get your turtles to send us defence ;) I thought you knew that :p
  5. aveugle

    aveugle Guest

    You are just amazing.

    Losing such a battle and still looking down on us.

    That is good for us.
  6. actually I posted this cos Syl was insulting towards Jen's attacks completely unjustly.. so maybe don't thow stones first :p

    and I wasn't joking about your players supporting us either
  7. aveugle

    aveugle Guest

    I know that, we found one.
    Be sure we will find the others too, and their fate will be the same as of that one which we found.
  8. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    Well...if you really want to know's because we snipe. We actually don't stack the cities with tons of defense, and when you do that...when you go for the snipe...sometimes you lose it.

    We kinda have to do it that way. We know you guys don't bother with much in the way of clearing runs or building much in the way of navy. We like to even out the playing field a bit and makes it a bit more fun for us :p
  9. who did you find? tbh I kinda turn a blind eye.. I'm not sure I totally agree with it, but since you have spies in our alliance I suppose it evens it up somewhere along the line lol
  10. aveugle

    aveugle Guest

    "We" is who? Surely not Herb, aaxc, mehar, moncico and the other neighbours arround... Cause we know what happens in their cities and how you stack them.

    I already said: its only in our advantage if you really continue to think like that.
  11. Jennesis

    Jennesis Guest

    We...would be exactly who you mentioned. What makes you think we stack it? All you see are little boxes with ?? in them. You should see the CS Sylis sent to aaxc last night. Following a few 1/2 butt attempts at clearing runs 7 LS, 104 Transports + troops and a CS all sent to the bottom of the sea by a mere 140 Birmes.

    That would be less than 10% of what it took you guys to deflect me ;)

    Yeah...we do have to handicap ourselves a bit.
  12. aveugle

    aveugle Guest

    Well, you know what they say... its pointless to argue with the TV set.
    See you again after the next big action.
  13. I must be missing something.. you came on and said we stack lots in defence.. Jen gave you an example of how we sniped with 140 biremes. You've given no examples and Jen is the TV set??

    I don't hink Jen is saying we always snipe but we do it quite a bit
  14. Calamack

    Calamack Phrourach

    Nov 27, 2010
    Personally, I think that taking the war to the forums is a bit much, look at me and the Evo players, we don't bicker and argue about what the other one posted, because I know that Evo builds mostly attacking troops and so they usually COULDN'T stack even if they wanted and I accept it instead of talking out my ***.
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  15. aveugle

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    No, not Jen.
    this thread is a TV set switched on program "Whatever Evo do is right, whatever others do is lame, no matter who wins the battles".

    I was stupid enough to not see it from the beginning and got on the hook.
    So, accept please my apologies, but now I'm off.
  16. actually I usually say if another alliance does well, even if it's an enemy.

    And most the forum is about how Evo is bad and wrong all the time, so is it any wonder that we get defensive sometimes. This thead steams from an unfounded attack on an Evo player, made by another alliance.. once again Evo is bad and everyone else is good

    I've admitted when Evo has made mistakes, like the dodgy recruiting before.. so I'm unsure as to how you think Evo is always right tbh. I think we admit to our mistakes more than most on these forums.
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  17. IceBlade

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    Don't give them TOO much credit. Though I like most of the players in Evolution, the fact of the matter is SOME of their communication between certain players is TERRIBLE. That's what happens when you're the biggest. The fact that I took a city from Shaun Hedican only to find 41 support teams still inbound ranging from 2 hours up until 42 hours out. And there was ALOT of defense coming in. Good thing some of our guys were online to attack my city full of Evo's support ;)

    Sorry Rooster. We killed your biremes :D Just a few though, I'm sure.

    Oh yes, and I can't wait til the day Jennesis is in our midst (if it ever comes.) I hear you're an awesome player.

    Play on... :pro:
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  18. Calamack

    Calamack Phrourach

    Nov 27, 2010
    Would plus rep but I got the spread it around message
  19. yeah we have our faults too hehe though I get told off if I remove too many ;)


    OK my turn, one reason I don't post here are the reasons thay are being done on this one. Don't matter how good or bad whatever the Thread is about, the good will be turned into bad and the bad will be turned into Good.

    1ST: This Game is A "Chess Match" you make your Move I make mine.
    2ed: Jenn,BOBO,AAXC,PFG,Herb,Menelias, My hat comes off to you-all on the attacks and timing of them, Jenn nice paper work on the time attacks.
    3rd: This game is to take Citys not Lose them.

    This Game comes down to who makes the Right Move at the right time and this time I made the right moves on your moves, may be Diff' next time who knows until then. You-all can call me a Turtle or TDC as Turtles, I for one don't play this game the way you want me to play, I play the way I play and I will never play the way you want me to play.

    To Jenn, Hell of a battle I'll give you 10+ on the attacks but, on my defending of my citys I give you a -3 for you saying of what I had there not the spy reports but, on how i had it set up what was I to do-just let you walk in run around and let you take my Citys NO. I defend my citys as you do for a reason not to lose them.
    And as every-one in Iota knows EVO, dose this Shock&AAWWW thing in their Attacks it's just that I took the AAAWWW-out of the Shock and beat you at your game so now I'm being called a Turtle because I won this round but, if I had lose a city or 2 you-all would be saying how bad we are but, do I get the good NO I get the bad because I killed everything that came my way in Fact it was 126 Attacks and I still have my Citys.
    On a Bad Note; Menelias, is a knockle head on his attacks most was like 2 hrs apart.

    And Jenn, I'm SRY about yout TOE I really need to fix that hole on my walkway to my CITYS.

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