JFL Casuals


I am addicted to the game and specifically the conquest system. It will be no surprise that I am joining this world. Seeing as though the settings are terrible, I will be doing an open premade rather than the usual dropping in with 5 and taking over the ocean within a few weeks.

Requirements are simple, whether Inno wants to push these terrible casual worlds on us or not I still hold myself and those around me to the same standards for every world that isn't revolt.

-Alarm activity any time of any day.

I do not play for crowns, I will not stay for the entire world. If you want that, look somewhere else. I will do as I always do and set my players up in position to perform at the highest level until I decide the world is stale and walk away. The second Inno can get itself together and release a decent world I will be leaving for that.

High level gameplay, high level teamwork, which means high level effort and communication from within. People can hate me all date long and that just means I did my job well. Any player who has played with me knows I put full effort into my alliance to ensure everyone is playing with capable players and knows this alliance will succeed.

Recruitment will be capped at 15-20 players maximum, likely going to be 5-10 based on the way I recruit.

I don't care about past history unless you are a botter or a player who is known to play with botters, in which case don't bother messaging me.

Only going to be doing this because I am bored and addicted to this game (and league) and don't know what it's like to sim in worlds, meaning every world I play has to be full effort, and everyone who plays with me is expected to put that same effort in.

Thanks, let's watch this game burn down together