join the warriors of hades in the battle for MU


(D)join the noble warriors of hades(SW)

And conquer world MU.



We have no recruitment or pact limits, you only need to be a regular player and to know the basics of the game.We are recruiting in ocians 42 and 65. We take care of our members and let everyone recruit others.

LEADER: homey100.
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For best results, please post the ocean/s you are recruiting in.


Just some other tips, browse the other recruitment threads here to get an idea of what top alliances are putting out.

Some general tips I can remember offhand:
-The leadership the alliance is under
-The requirements for joining (you've already posted this)
-The oceans you are recruiting in (@Cauthonus)

Also, there are several guides posted in various places around the forum you should take a look at. They help keep you on key and will teach you the basics and detail work on maintaining a strong alliance.

Either way, best of luck with your alliance.


um... I founded this alliance as a joke... why did this guy make an alliance thread of it lol?
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