Join Warriors of Zeus


Join Warriors of Zeus in Eta

We are currently located in ocean 38 of Eta but you may join if you are in any ocean

Currently have 963 points; 326th in Eta

Looking for active players

In Warriors of Zeus our mission is to get as many players as possible. When you join you will have the right of invitation giving. You may gain rights as trust is gained in you. All decisions shall be decided by the two leaders although if there is a disagreement between the two then everyone will have the chance to vote for what they want.

We don't have a limit on the amount of players that we have since we are a mass recruiting alliance.

If you are in Eta and want to join us contact rphk123

P.S. If you're going to give me advice in this thread instead of requesting to join then you might as well not because no one really asked you!


I would like to join. #326 in an old world looks like a great deal.

oh wait, the alliance does not exist anymore. too bad.