Newspaper Joint Paper; Tackling the Stories of Andros

Evil MeIinoe

Stories of Andros; By Evil MeIinoe & Trist3
Part 1

Hello there (General Kenobi) and welcome to a joint article designed by Evil MeIinoe and Trist3 (The Editor, not paid and kept in the basement, barely fed as well) . As most of you know I, Evil MeIinoe am normally known for writing sink and swim episodes but due to the nature of this server I don't see a lot of competitors outside of maybe the top 5/6 alliances all of which back Rich and Famous or Event Horizon. Because of those facts instead, you will get a journey article covering a lot of different aspects throughout this server (Editor Note: We are 100% not biased). I am excited for this episode, we will talk about positioning, past history of the server, opinion and a few others things so I hope it brings you all some joy in those troubling times.

This may not be a Sink and Swim but the disclaimer will still apply here as I, Evil MeIinoe talk way too much so as always (She really does), if you don't like what you see inside the disclaimer, this article may not be for you (Get out while you can). Also, as this is a joint paper keep in mind this is created both by MeIinoe and Trist (SOS save me please). You will be able see the difference and different types of writing as one of us is sassier than the other.


With our usual disclaimer I will also be adding a quick little shoutout disclaimer thanking those who helped me make this article by being involved in one way or another. We may also be tackling the Mightyduck angle from our point of view as well which well, it's not a topic for the weak minded.

Shoutout to Percy V (Editor would like to point out he was not solicited for the map work and could have done a better job than the mad dog) for helping me with the map work. Also, blame him for this article I was supposed to be relaxing playing League of Legends today-.-
Shoutout to Aurora/Rootkitten for answering my questions and telling me her story (And defecting to our side, we love defectors).
Shoutout to Del2 for giving me internals (Wait you’re being fed internals!?) ;)
Shoutout to Trist3(Editor would also like to shout out Trist3, great lad, fantastic player, maybe the best in the game) and well, believe it or not MoleMan420 for helping me become more strong minded (Editor would like to point out @MoleMan420 is a troll). Haven't heard from Mole as well, he doesn't like how things turned out with Mightyduck here which I totally respect. However, it would be rude not to mention him as he helped me a lot on Elis(EN133) just like Trist, regarding my confidence when it comes to taking things to heart. I am much stronger now, and some may even say "sassy" so thank you both for all the help! (Editor is still being held in Mel’s basement as of writing this, sassy really doesn’t do it tribute.)
Finally, shoutout to Destroxxi for voicing his opinion which, I Evil MeIinoe respect even though I highly disagree.

To make it a little more clear:

Evil MeIione will be covering the Map Work/Events & Story of Aroura. (MeI knows it's spelt Aurora she just forgets sometimes.)
Trist3 will be covering the Grammar (It needed work - Trist) (Hissing at that comment! - Mei) and adding a little je ne sais quoi.
Both of us will be answering Destroxxi.

With all that in mind lets get started, and well, I don't even know where to start! Lets start with a nice topic covering all the Map Work/Events created by Evil MeIinoe and Percy V. (Editor would like to point out the introduction is about a 3rd of the total article, and a bit baffled it took that long to start.)
(Enjoy the map work completed in paint.) :p

Map Work/Thoughts:
Events of Andros .png
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Evil MeIinoe

Part 2
Now we will be entering the world of: The Lost Circle, specifically Auroras aka (RootKitten) Story on Andros which some RaF viewers may not like (definitely will not like, unless it’s Andrew in which case he’ll like it anyways because nothing can shake that man’s happy go lucky mood) so buckle up readers! This story also includes MeIinoes Story mixed in!

We are entering a very dark path with a lot of questionable decisions formed by RaF and Pole Dancers leaving a sour taste in a lot of peoples mouths. It also surprised me to see how poor this situation was handled and I can confidently say, I am very proud of the Horizon council for how amazingly our diplomacy skills were used (Let’s go us). To begin, Aurora kindly sent me screenshots which will be posted in a separate spoiler after the story is complete. To begin I, Evil MeIinoe find it quite insulting when Aurora got a message titled "Foolish Child" specifically having an extremely evil shot at Event Horizon and Black Dawn telling her how silly she is to think that her players would be the crown team if Horizon was to win. Let's rewind a little bit back to Pseria(EN126) and Elis(EN133) both worlds which I and Trist did lead in one way or another (Editor would like to point out it was mostly Trist leading, Mel was just here for the ride looking and being nice ). On Pseria we merged with a large number of players from Animal Farm, Chaos, Check Mate & Voodoo where we picked up extremely talented players such as Luckydream, Sir Neo and Mark, and to put it to perspective our crown team was formed out of 5 different teams resulting in a win for Stooges. It was amazing how this was formed, and how happy all the parties were as I lead the supporting sister which Crapu (Editor does not like Crapu at all) was a part of leading Stooges to victory. Even Fisherman R (Hi Fish) was part of this expedition. Furthermore, a similar story happened on Elis where Princess Kuini and JungleBear (Hi PK, Hi JB)merged into us as well before the world wonders happened.

Aurora got a lovely message that stated and I quote: "You think Black Dawn and Event Horizon will eve let your team in for a winning crown lol, well you are sillier than I originally thought." Well, I, Evil MeIinoe, find this pretty disgusting and see it as a personal attack against how I run my ship(Correction how Mel run’s my ship, not hers). I'm a people's pleaser and many will tell you I will happily hand my crown spot to anyone which is exactly what I did on Pseria. I would have done it on Elis if it wasn't for Trist (Editor is too nice for his own good, look where he is now). Put it into perspective, if I was to be on the crown team, Aurora is having my spot. Also, both Virtualself and Trist can tell you all how much of a pain the butt (Editor wishes he could put into word how much of a pain Mel is) I am to ensure our reputation is intact here.

The big question is what leads to such a horrid message and this whole situation? Let's just back 24 hours where Aurora and The Lost Circle council had a discussion with Crapu (or just Crap hehe) about the whole situation expressing their feelings. Seems like the RaF coalition took offence when Aurora raised some questions; fighting for her own people. To sum up the situation here the main question raised was "Why should we defend RaF when we only have a NAP with them." From my point of view, and let's all think about it, why would they defend RaF when they aren't offering them anything in return? They were offered nothing, shared defense forums were rejected/ignored twice over many weeks (Editor Note OOOOH DRAMA ALLERT), no player merge or any form of good gesture and fast-forwarding 24h later Princess Kuini (Hi PK) sent that message. As a reader, who do you think is in the right? The evidence screenshots will be posted down below. Rich and Famous/Pole Dancers offered them nothing, we Event Horizon offered them spots in our crown wing, trust, respect and honesty.
Shoutout to Mercenary(Hi Petit Swiss), the most humble leader (Editor would like to correct the writer, Merc is most definitely not humble) we played against on Pseria (toucher every other leaders were assholes). Even though Kleos lost against us(HAHA git gud), he congratulated us and the next server was happy to play with us and well (Well he did need a crown somehow), here we are now he's been with us ever since(unfortunately)!
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Evil MeIinoe

Part 3

The reply to our wonderful Destroxxi (Editor would like to point out he made a reply of his own which he still finds hilarious)(Also Destro is a simmer hehe).
As events develop on the server, we can see that Destroxxi has posted his/hers opinion in one sentence which really got me (Evil MeIinoe, because no one else’s opinion matters) somehow so give credit where its due, you were part of the reason this newpaper exists (Because we like to throw shade at people)! The contexts was when Welshy94 said there was no point in making further sink and swim posts because there is only a handful amount of alliances left on Andros. Furthermore he said he can't see much happening because in Welshy's opinion it's between 2 different teams while other alliances support them on the server. For example, Dancers support Riches, Black Dawn support Horizon and so on.

Destroxxi said and I quote:

"*Between 1 team and 1 team with everyone else handing them the win* We have 1 team helping us everyone else seems to want to give the server to EH cus they like being on their knees. Had to fix it for you there bud bud." (Mad? Problem? Perhaps a little bit annoyed?)

Lets break this wonderful reply down and discuss it in detail. Lets go back in time a lil bit once again when Only Ares was still with us. Ares turned on Event Horizon forcing them to be on 2 different fronts alongside Dancers and Riches themselves. For a very long time, only Black Dawn had our back and they still do and Destroxxi you are incorrect(Ofc he is. Only our opinion is correct, that’s how this works right?). Riches also picked up Eye4eye and his team as well as Yan from Inconsistent back when they were on the map as well(OOOOH DRAMA). To put it to prespective before Circle came into the mix this is how everything looked like:

Team one:
Event Horizon, Slap & Black Dawn - Keep in mind how tiny Slap were/are. (The Good)

Team two:
Riches I, Riches II, Only Ares, Only Ares II, Pole Dancers (The Bad)
(For those wondering The Ugly is Crapu)

We, Event Horizon fought/are fighting all the alliances listed above. We also fought against Shadow Kings, Wolf Pack I, Wolf Pack II and Inconsistent in 44 when they existed followed by Red Mist later on so I think Destroxxi, your research needs some work(HAHA git gud too kid). We pretty much fought every single relevant team on this server besides Black Dawn who stayed true to us.

Let’s exclude all the pacts for a second and focus on the "original groups" so, Slap/Event Horizon and the Riches sisters. Altogether, Horizon family has 69 members, RAF have 85 members between their sisters and yet our crown wing alone out preforms Riches offensive statistics by roughly 33% (We’re just better tho). Let’s do some rounded up math, Horizon has 15000000 offensive battle points alone, you have roughly 10000000 give or take between both wings put together(Editor would like to point out that LLing him will not help those BP stats, so please don’t attack him), which proves we're the fighters of this server, and have been since day one. I'm only looking at offensive ranks because this proves we don't cuddle. Let’s look at another statistic, as I write this we have 11 attackers in the top 15, you have 4 (Hi Andrew :D).

Things have changed with Lost Circle jumping into the mix yes, but at the same time take a look at Auroras story again to get the full picture. We are not cuddlers, and people don't go on their "knees" to "give us the server" we fought to be at the top, the statistics don't lie (Editor would like to point out we cannot bring people to their knees, because we cut off their legs as we fight them haha).

Finally, Virtualself will be answering a couple questions, one of them being: What made you interact with Mightyduck and why did you approve his application to Event Horizon?

Well he was their diplomat in the beginning of the server, and we started talking cause i wanted a NAP with Only Ares,so we could surprise attack Rich and Famous in peace and without the risk of Only Ares hitting us.
Then some weeks later he apparently wasn't their diplomat any longer, instead Nick and Cheda were the new diplomats in Only Ares, and they were having big thoughts about their alliance, so I saw the opportunity to hit them at the same time as making Mightyduck flip to create internal chaos which worked. I didn't know it would gain so much attention afterwards, as I have never played with or against any of those guys really I don't know their history and that it was maybe a bit more than just a player flipping lol.

Second question is as followed: Whats your opinion on how Princess Kuini handled her diplomatic talks with Aurora and The Lost Circle in general?

I can't really blame Princess Kuini because I would've probably tried doing the same deal with them and sent them a similar message if they didn't agree.
The Lost Circle looked like a noob alliance, so I wouldn't have thought much of them either. (MeI would like to point out luckily Virtual has a lovely council which helps him be less of a hothead, he's well looked after and we help him understand a few things here and there) ;)

Evidence Files:

Foolish Child:

Crapus Message:

Lost Circle Players not being pushovers:

Aurora sticking up for herself and her team, taking a different path which lead to Lost Circle joining Event Horizon later on:

That is all for today, thank you to everyone who took part on this newspaper, and thank you to Trist The Feisty Midget for doing this paper with me! It was a rather feisty paper but just remember, MeI still loves you all regardless the drama, nothing can top True Bloods.

Turtles showing Percy and Jihadidasky that we are superior creatures to dogs:

Squishy says Goodbye:

MeI, Signing Out.
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Evil MeIinoe

1. Dogs are supreme no one can change that. Right jihadi?
2. My map work is superb, the good products are exclusive to EH, if any of you are interested please contact my agent @Garrison Thac
3. Nice work @Evil MeIinoe and @Trist3 , thank you for the paper!

1. Turtles > Cats > Dogs that's just how it goes ;)
2. Ahahaha of course it is, thanks for the help!
3. You're welcome, and thank you now I can go and play League of Legends with Galio since they Chihuahua is satisfied. :D

Jim Lizard

1. Turtles > Cats > Dogs that's just how it goes ;)
2. Ahahaha of course it is, thanks for the help!
3. You're welcome, and thank you now I can go and play League of Legends with Galio since they Chihuahua is satisfied. :D
Not sure about that , Lizards need to fit in the top 3 somehow. After-all, we were first on the planet :D

Garrison Thac

1. Dogs are supreme no one can change that. Right jihadi?
2. My map work is superb, the good products are exclusive to EH, if any of you are interested please contact my agent @Garrison Thac
3. Nice work @Evil MeIinoe and @Trist3 , thank you for the paper!
If I'm taking care of the paperwork on this map business I'm going to be needing some form of payment. No, dog treats are not accepted.


i'll just say that this server has been very decent and mostly abt game.. maybe because many players on both side of this war know each other .. for me its refreshing that there is less drama/trolling and more fighting on this server.

Thanks @Evil MeIinoe for keeping the externals alive


i'll just say that this server has been very decent and mostly abt game.. maybe because many players on both side of this war know each other .. for me its refreshing that there is less drama/trolling and more fighting on this server.

Thanks @Evil MeIinoe for keeping the externals alive

Even when being in the title I still get ignored. @Evil MeIinoe you see what I mean? Always stealing all my thunder ;(


EH, BD and Slap - RaF, RaFII and Geriatric
Players: 105-134
Conquests: 229-50

Wouldve been higher if Ivory, Ionut and Monty didnt multi :) (And if every O55 guy in RaF would stop VM'ing)
Wouldve been lower if Destroxxi didnt have 1500 fts as LTS in his cities cause he's scared AF ahahahahahha


1. Dear Mel & Trist, thank you for a wonderful and most insightful read. A welcome breather from work and my alliance forum as you can imagine. From experience you have been objective for most part, interjected with lots of emotions and opinions which are inevitably subjective by their very nature, but you try to make it clear and distinguishable for the reader.

2. I agree with SirNeo, this server has been a lot about the fighting, except that for a foot soldier like me there has been plenty of drama since the whole OA thing blew up. Most of us do not know what went on so all the more, see 1. above.

3. Regardless of all the trash talk and accusations of unfair play, having the referees impact gameplay is always unwelcome, by all sides. The 3 musketeers incident is highly regrettable. This is my opinion and does not represent any other.

4, Still sad that Muhvi does not share his mushrooms with me. He doesn't even tell me which forest.

5. This Destroxxi guy does not speak for me. He does not wish to speak to me either.