Just fyi


I don't know if anyone reads this anymore but fyi the reason hate dissolved their alliance is digital took one of their cities on a ww island and they didn't want everybody to see.


Perhaps if certain Hate players had not abandoned the siege and been attacking one irrelevant city over and over during the whole siege, they would have stood a chance.

Hateocracy you did well in general, (after all you did complete the 7 WWs), but I know you are taking lists of who was the dead weight when it mattered.


who cares!world was dead anyway and no other alliance didt manage to complete any wws so....

Digital Mystikz

Well Hate had only 1 rival regarding the ww's (loud noises), so it's quite normal no other alliance built or tried to built all 7


u r right but if u remember the times in athens there were 3 alliances who got atleast one ww built!morc(winner),triad(who got all wws built after morc won it)and spartan300(tomb)!here the tempo was so fast ;D