Kappa Top 12 Alliances Discussion


I was actually about to update the old sticky thread today before it was deleted (I'm looking at you phoenix!). I have changed the format to Top 12 from Top 15, well because I'm lazy and they don't deserve to be mentioned :p This is my (hopefully) unbiased opinion of the alliances, and I hope other people offer the verdict too.
Here goes..

No. 1: Public Enemy Points: 52,933,576 Members: 99 Cities: 4909 Avg. points per member: 534,682
My own alliance, so I hope I'm not too biased/severe for/against it. Quite clearly the leading alliance, and the rest of them have a lot of catching up to do. Have a new policy of kicking inactives and inviting fresh, hungry players. This has consolidated our position in the core, with little alliances mixed with us there. At a stalemate with Rogue, and are eating away at VRoD, Crimsons and Oceans Alliance. Pacted with Strike Force and Enigma still.

No. 2: VRoD Points: 21,844,684 Members: 94 Cities: 2098 Avg. points per member: 232,390
Very disappointing. Are lucky to have remained at 2nd for so long. A matter of time before they collapse or are wiped out. One leader is on VM, the other doesn't defend her cities. Some very silly attacks coming from members that used to be VRoDII, obviously they weren't taught in a supposed 'academy' how to fight. Not long now before they become another weak rim alliance after having the core cities conquered. Warring with PE, pacted I think with Rogue.

No. 3: Rogue Points: 20,981,251 Members: 60 Cities: 2116 Avg. points per member: 349,687
Very impressive. These guys are a very well-coordinated unit; they attack well and they defend well. PE have had to work very hard to take cities, which is a nice and refreshing change from boring old TUA/VRoD/Crimson (insert most alliances here) who can't defend. Their leaders have done very well considering this is a rim alliance. Will rise to 2nd and remain there for a long time.

No. 4: Strike Force Points: 12,308,295 Members: 76 Cities: 1258 Avg. points per member: 161,951
Ah SF, once an O45 powerhouse but now forced to live on the rim. Very few original SF guys remain, and it is a long time since they have been tested in a war with a big alliance. They are in a pact or at peace with most people around them, although I see conquests between Infernal Knights and Gorgones Kai Manges. Still they are PE's longest serving and most loyal friends, I doubt that pact will be dropped for a long time. Rising up the rankings slowly, are a decent alliance but still a long way behind the top 2/3 and are leaders of the chasing pack of 6 alliances.

No. 5: Enigma Points: 11,720,090 Members: 42 Cities: 1014 Avg. points per member: 279,049
Eating away at Oceans Alliance with little return fire. However their pact with PE means their only method of expansion is outwards. Credit has to be given towards Tisophene and the leaders over there, they run a well-drilled unit that would be hard to take down. I would like to see them take on Rising Stars, if only to prove RS's worth. Will remain roughly where they are in the near future, they have been shown to be stable, but I don't expect miraculous growth.

No. 6: Crimson Legion Elite Points: 11,080,026 Members: 66 Cities: 1014 Avg. points per member: 167,879
Oh the Crimsons, the infamous Crimsons. The largest of many branches, most of their positive conquests are from other branches. Very little, if not no external conquers recently. The fact they are 6th in the rankings is due to their sheer number of members. I expect them to stay in top 12 for a while but not for any good reason. Warring with just about everyone near them.

No. 7: Rising Stars Points: 9,001,160 Members: 43 Cities: 870 Avg. points per member: 209,329
I don't have much first-hand knowledge of these guys, but they seem to be a pretty good rim alliance. Although it is not hard to look good when conquering noobs. I hope they take on a bigger alliance soon enough, to see if they are worth all the hype afforded to them. I expect them to stay where they are, if not jump ahead of CLE soon. Their leaders have done a good job putting up with having to take all those noob cities ;)

No. 8: Oceans Alliance Points: 8,040,858 Members: 93 Cities: 871 Avg. points per member: 86,460
Also another disappointing alliance. After the all the huffing and puffing on here a few weeks back, they are yet to prove they can walk the walk. Enigma and PE are conquering at will. Exhibit A to their weakness: jlaws014 is yet to lose a city after coming back from a work trip when they thought they could mess with the big boys. Probably their worst mistake. Their position in the top 12 probably maintained by the merging of the Ocean families, I expect a downward trend from here.

No. 9: Crimson Empire Points: 7,781,846 Members: 33 Cities: 725 Avg. points per member: 235,813
See No. 6, but even worse. Don't fooled by their high average, all of their conquests are eating of inactives from fellow Crimson wings.

No. 10: Rising Stars II Points: 6,636,931 Members: 88 Cities: 776 Avg. points per member: 75,419
See No. 7

No. 11: Crimson Ravens Points: 6,635,526 Members: 63 Cities: 723 Avg. points per member: 105,325
See No. 6 & 7; but even worse yet.

No. 12: Infernal Knights Points: 5,136,048 Members: 55 Cities: 557 Avg. points per member: 93,382
I know very little about these guys. At war with SF from what grepostats tells me (correct me if I'm wrong); which is a very one-way battle for SF. I can't really comment any more, just another average rim alliance picking on even weaker noobs out there.


Breaking news

You may want to review your figures on CLE, as they have i believe just lost 5 of there top 12 biggest members in the last 24.hrs.

The exodus has begun and at least 2 possibly 3 of the 5 have gone to PE.

It should alter there standing in the rankings somewhat.



Given that information you may want to alter the PE information to say something along the lines of

some great members who are really skilled. one simmer at the top only taking inactives and maxing out cities. the majority of the other members are traitors and spies, poached from other alliances for information.


@imackay: Those figures are from after the move. They were up-to-date about 3 minutes before the post :p

@sploggo: I suppose you are bitter that a lot of former VRoD members moved here. You would not have been too quick to call sasa a simmer when he was in your alliance. Sort out your own alliance before making petty jibes at the number 1 alliance on the server


wasn't with VRoD when they all left. I'm just expressing my opinion about an alliance in the top 12. that is what this thread is for.


Sorry did not notice the time stamp on the thread, if it's up to date that's :cool:



wasn't with VRoD when they all left. I'm just expressing my opinion about an alliance in the top 12. that is what this thread is for.
fair enough.. that put me back in my box! lol
I still think every member is as valuable as the next in PE; not every player who leaves an alliance to join another is a traitor. ( for example you :p )


:D I agree with you especially as i have only left two alliances in Kappa, the first two, ever since then i have been a founder of the same alliance, it just had 3 name changes until we merged with VRoD when we hit 2.8 million points with 25 members.

We even pm'd your alliance 3 times about us merging into them when we where just over 2 mill, but they blanked us all 3 times. :rolleyes:

But that's :cool:, we where obviously to good for your alliance and we forgive your alliance it's short sightedness. :p


Mac Edwards

@ dirk: too bad you stopped at 12. Alliances 14 and 15 are definitely worth a comment. The numbers speak for them!:p


Given that information you may want to alter the PE information to say something along the lines of

some great members who are really skilled. one simmer at the top only taking inactives and maxing out cities. the majority of the other members are traitors and spies, poached from other alliances for information.
From what little I have seen of PE in my sector, I have to sort of agree with this statement. Looking forward to being proved wrong ;)

Its a pity this thread was downgraded to 12, as it includes ineffective MRAs and keeps out to smaller but better alliances as Gorgones and FC. Even CG is a better subsidiary of the Crimsons that the other higher ranking ones.


Nice post but i do have a couple of points. You can't really say that alliances outside the top 12 are not worth a mention. To get into the top 12 all you need to do is have between 75-100 members. I don't really see the point of mentioning SF when Gorgones are taking cities at will. Rating all 3 crimson branches is a waste of time from the start. The ravens for example were at war with FC/RS for a few weeks and i don't think they mustered 1 attack. You were very harsh on VRoD considering their best players were not loyal to them and jumped ship rather than fight under the banner that protected them for so long. But these alliances are where they are so i can't complain to much. I will rate also tomorrow when i have more time but in the mean time i see that rouge have taken quite a few PE cities, shouldn't you be recruiting their top players right about now so you can take the fight to them a little more ;) (let me rate you before you judge me on that) lol!


Don't bash me because I stopped at 12! I already said I was lazy and my back-up excuse was that everyone else does 12 :p
If that is everyone's opinion of PE then we will have to move on and conquer you all to make you think any different ;) haha
I was very harsh on VRoD because lady sinful lead them into the war without thinking of consequences. It was mostly her involved in the breaking down of PE and VRoD's relationship, and even her own members lost trust in her and left. Although we are pretty much fighting VRoDII now and a few other core players I did mention that.
Maybe I will edit it to 15 tomorrow ;)


Oceans Alliance


Meh, huffing and puffing. I usually don't huff and puff, a handful of ours do that and sadly so, as I don't see the benefit, but to clarify a few things here:
We didn't start messing with the big boys, 'twas the other way around. What were little old us supposed to do? Say, right, take what you wish? Now, I don't agree with the p**ing contest some lads started, and I'd rather have it ended, then again, PE is just about so far ahead of the pack and not in any major conflict that I can make out, that Oceans not going down in flame yet is surprising enough, especially with flak from Enigma as well who, oooooh, are also allied with PE in some form. 'Tis a sad old world, this, were the top alliance is around as strong (in points) as the next three and were pretty much all the established alliances have some sort of pact or NAP.


This is only how i see it so if you no like then tell a MOD as he might care more than me! Some i will type more about than others again if you no like........

Public Enemy
On paper they look to be the best alliance out there by a long way but beneath that some of their top players have very low BP considering the size of them. I also don't like the fact that they take the best players from other alliances before fighting them. By doing this they are killing kappa, who will stick around and fight an alliance the size of them when your biggest players (with no loyalty) leave you to fight alone. I also don't see why they want their allies so much, if you want to be the biggest bad alliance in kappa then you need to drop friends and war the world like other great alliances have done in the past in grepo because without doing so they will not go down in history. Having said this the plan from any alliance is to become the #1 alliance in the world and like them or not this is what they have achieved so i congratulate them on this. (i do rate you highly PE but i can't help but think that you could be held in higher regard)

Seemed like a good alliance but sadly they were dismantled before being set upon probably before they even managed to get their house in order. I don't think they will last long now.

In my opinion the best alliance bar none! They have done tremendously well for a rim alliance and seem to really have taken the fight to PE and long may it continue. I only hope they ignore any pact requests that they are in no doubt about to receive.

Strike Force
I know very little of them apart from they are friends with PE and they are getting hounded from gorgones kai manges i think?!

Again i know very little apart from they seem to be winning the war against Oceans alliance (i think) although they are getting help from PE so i can't really rate them for that. Sure to fight Rising stars one day as it is the only way they can go. Weather they can do this without help from their friends again is yet to be seen but i doubt it very much.

Crimson Elite
Was not really a great alliance in the first place and considering they have now lost their best players i can't see them lasting much longer at all.

Rising Stars
They are a good fighting unit and their leader is one of the best fighters i have ever had the honer of fighting alongside. Another rim alliance who has done well

Oceans alliance
I know very little but they have got their selves in an unfortunate position of being hounded by Enigma and PE. Maybe if they were only fighting one of them they might have stood a better chance.

Crimson Guardians
Another rim alliance who with a little more help could go on to do very well. The best branch of crimsons there is.

Infernal nights
I have no idea who they are or where they come from maybe they can come and explain.

5 Knuckle Philosophy
Have been around for a long time and have been through many wars. They seem to still be together and have loyal players, that in it's self seems very hard to come across.

Gorgones Kai Manges
So few yet so strong. I have massive respect for them and hope they continue to fight strong.

Fat Camp
I'll let you judge after you fight them.

I know some of these are not in the top but i feel that some alliances up their do not deserve to be commented on. Also i would like to add that this is purely my opinion and not that of my alliance.


I was actually about to update the old sticky thread today before it was deleted (I'm looking at you phoenix!).
its still around :p i just unstickied it lol but yea ill sticky this one instead or merge them, its up to u dirk

EDIT: if its updated to 15 ill just merge them :p
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Before I give my thoughts on the top alliances, this is for Rudicus;

Im sorry buddy, but your comments are soo far off its laughable. PE has 22 of the top 36 in attack battle points including Sekeriadis with 1,000,000 ABP. You think we are pushovers? Consider yourself lucky your not near me or Sekeriadis. I love how you say Sasatrsesen is a simmer with 670,000 ABP. He is a great team player. We want only the best players in PE. We want people who fight back. Also, we are fighting almost everyone, Rogue, VROD, Oceans, Crimsons etc etc. Keep getting on our case about not fighting Enigma and SF. Markoso the leader of SF is a good friend. I respect Tisophene of Engima and they have been loyal allies, allies since we werent this big. So that argument is getting old. We are fighting plenty, maybe the rest of you guys should coordinate and take the fight to us....we arent exactly hiding....just fyi PE was started with just 1 person, then 5 of my buddies joined. Weve conquered and conquered and then conquered some more. And yes we recruit the best players we can.

This is for Alastan:

Jlaws started the fight, no argument there. We attack who we want, when we want for whatever reason we want. You took several of his cities when he went away for work, but since hes been back hes taken them all back and more. We commend you for fighting back, not the begging your leader did to avoid conflict. Also, how can you say we arent in any major conflict? Where have you been? We are fighting almost everyone. Thats just being oblivious. The reason Oceans is still around is we have literally 5 players near you. Jlaws, The Mightty Warrior, Jeff Burke and maybe a few others with a few cities. Your fighting a fraction of us.

So If there is anymore PE bashing bring it on..... say what you want, but you dont get to be this strong by being simmers. I have 500,000 ABP, does that make me a simmer? No one on this forum in Kappa has more ABP than me.

Now to the rankings in my opinion, not in point order:

1) Public Enemy: We look like the best alliance on paper because we are. We have strong active players who attack. We also have some who are more subtle, but PE is well functioning team. I love it. We control oceans 035,044,045,046,054,055 and moving outwards. Yes we have pacts with Enigma and Strike Force and they arent going anywhere. We are fighting everyone else. We deny all pact requests. At this time we have 53,473,436 points, 99 members with a 540,136 average...which is key, we have all solid players. Yes we do recruit top players, but you guys dont see all the requests we get to join. We like players who fight. Maybe the rest of Kappa should better coordinate. We want this to be fun

2) Rogue : Im putting Rogue at #2, this is a no brainer. People say they are rim alliance, but thats where they started and they are dominant. They are much better than VROD. They have 4 players in top 36 in ABP....They have over 21,000,000 points with an average of 349,219. They have a lot of solid players and are well coordinated. They have taken alot of Dimimile's cities but he was far from the core of us. We look forward to them being closer. Top notch outfit. They have a bit of a temper and seem to hold grudges (see Dimimile) but def #2.

3) Enigma : Everyone seems to knock them for being in our shadow...its unwarranted. We fought Enigma, we found them to be worthy opponents. We thought they would be excellent allies and we were correct. They are loyal, well organized and persistent. Tisophene is a top notch leader who is calm and rational. They initially grew through conquest, but have recently been recruiting alot which has diluted the talent pool. THey are up to 12,000,000 pts and 43 members. Still a great group. They are fighting Oceans now and will probably head to Rising Stars. So unless your in one of those two alliances you shouldnt bash them. They are solid and have our respect.

4) Gorgones Kai Manages: I have never spoken to them, seen them or heard a word from them. I have them at #4 due to their small size , 9 members , 3,800,000 pts....but average player is 424,000. Been together along time and just keep conquering. I look forward to them reaching us. Will be fun. Would glady take the whole bunch into PE if i had the slots!

5) Strike Force: Our oldest allies. Most of the originals have migrated over to PE. They have 034 on lockdown. Leader, Markoso is a friend. THey have some solid players in there keeping things straight. Lot of randoms have joined and looks like infernal knights lost a bunch of people to them because SF now has 76 members and 12,800,000 pts, but only 163,000 average. I wouldnt underestimate them. As always you mess with SF, you mess with PE.

6) VRoD: I have VROD here not because of their 2000 cities, 95 players or 22,000,000 pts but because they are not the organized fighting group when Srains and Dragot led them. Their best players joined us. VROD II was not as talented. Their attacks are no longer organized. They took a bunch of cities int he first few days we fought but since then we have been taking them at will. One leader, Stubo is on VM. Lady Sinful is a LOT to handle and I would say irrational. They have alot of firepower but no one to coordinate it. We are pushing them further out, just check the maps. Be hard to eliminate them due to sheer size but well try! Rogue will probably have to start taking their northern cities to get closer to us.

7) Fat Camp: I put them at #7 for same reason i put Gorgones Kai Manages. I hear good things, i look forward to finding out for myself

8) Rising Stars: Rising Stats 1 & 2 combined have 16,000,000 pts 123 members....growing nicely. Everyone holds them in high regard. We shall seem them soon down south. On a side note, i dont like academy alliances and multiple alliances. Notice there is no PE 2 or PE Academy etc.

9) Crimson Legion Elite: Just took in a large part of Crimson Empire. Wont make them any better. We took their top 3 players. To clarify, they asked to join us I did not recruit them. Alliance is falling apart. Give it some time. Dont think they are a great fighting group, although leader is good.

10) Oceans Alliance: I guess?? I was running out of alliances to choose from. 94 members , 8,000,000 pts. Have been recruiting heavily. They have not done much against only a few of our members. Still dont respect their begging to avoid war with us. I hope Enigma and our members take whatever they want from them.

Did I miss any alliance of note? This is just my observation from Kappa. Im always happy to discuss. Feel free to drop me a message in game!



.....Also, we are fighting almost everyone, Rogue, VROD, Oceans, Crimsons etc etc.
You are really "fighting" the Crimsons? Are they really fighting back? How many of your other wars are "one way" only?

We control oceans 035,044,045,046,054,055 and moving outwards.
:eek: I am sure I had some cities in O46...let me check.... nope, still there.
PE has 431 cities in O46 (most of them inherited from PK), but between the other alliances they have 381 and counting. I wouldn't call that control...

Don't get me wrong, I find PE is a great alliance, with above average stats, but there are smaller alliances out there doing a much better job than PE.
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To answer your post:

PE has 431 cities in 046. The next largest alliance in 046 is Salamander with 98. Alliances #2 thru #11 in 046 control a combined 396 cities. I would say we have decent control of that ocean. If we inherited them from PK so what? They have a PE flag on them dont they? Whether you win be an inch or mile...winning is winning...btw your cities there we will pay a visit to them eventually :)

As for the Crimsons, of course we are fighting them, they may not fight back well but thats not our problem. You should be getting on their case not ours. We havent backed down from a fight. Weve taken everything anyone has dished at us.

Next comment please