Kappa Top 12 Alliances Discussion

King Beast

erm... what just happened..

We was 12th this morning...?
Is the whole world merging...?



Big changes happening, time for an update! :) Anyone care to take a shot?



hi guys me hari1990 from the allaicne of "Achaean knights" and the xleader of "Achaean League"

Gladiator 4

(NO Offence meant) Rising Stars are noobs.
They do stupid things like attack with archers and Biremes (I know this from experiance)


1. Public Enemy
2. The Crimson Eliet
3. Strike Force
4. Phoenix Alliance (Oceans 2.0)
5. 5KP
6. Rising Stars
7. VRoD
8. League of Corinth MK2
9. Rising Stars II
11. Black Water Mercs
12. Achaean knights


Anyone cares to make some comments??? This thread is dying just like Kappa.

hagger the horrible

Thats alright, pathfinders coming to ocean near you.. if we are not already


so i got a question how come all these PEs r trash talking to Phoenix Alliance members when half of ur alliance is inactive?? and were also kicking ur guys butt around kappa
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Treat each other with respect and remain polite. You are able to use tactics to prove your in-game opponents in the world forums (See P&P)
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Jeff Hefae

Well if you want comments I think RS, RSII are pretty cool though I've never been in a big war fighting alliance before. Also its amazing Achaean knights made it to twelfth so far at the rim and with so many noobs. (No offense hari but you know its true.) That comes from experience.


lol so true...they make good cities though...they just dont bother to defend em'


are PE and Strike Force merging? it seems that wway as all former strike force members up in my neighborhood (o33 and o32) are now in PE





It has been a while since I have made a post on the forum, but I will make this a very blunt response.

Public Enemy is the best alliance. Its that simple. We have been #1 since March 11, 2011. No alliance has stayed on top that long. As for our alliance being inactive, 90 of our 100 members are green and active. We do not have to defend ourselves, our actions speak for themselves. At this stage in the game, we do not have enough slots to take our inactive cities. We prefer to take enemy cities. With that being said Phoenix Alliance and Crimson Elite are like vultures. They scavenge for inactive cities or anything that wont fight back. They havent done anything to earn any respect. They can talk on their profiles how they fight "The Mighty PE War Machine" but it is all BS. Our alliance has dedicated skilled players who work as a team. That is why we will win Kappa. The rest of you can say what you like to make yourselves feel good. We control the core of Kappa ( O45/O55/O35/O34/O44/O54/O46/) with over 7,300 cities. We have 4 fronts, Phoenix Alliance and Crimson Elite only have to worry about us expanding. Easier to fight on one side. Also, for every city we conquer, they found 2 cities. Its laughable. Now I see Phoenix Alliance pouncing on Sekeriadis' cities. Yes he quit, but when he was active you could not touch him. Theres a reason hes the best attacker in Kappa.

Public Enemy is the best alliance and it cant be disputed. For fun I will complete my ranking. Crimson Elite and Phoenix Alliance may be #2 and # in size but not in ranking

1. Public Enemy
2. Rising Stars
3. Strike Force
4. 5 Knuckle Philosophy ( I must say im a fan of the 5 knuckle philosophy myself)
5. Blackwater Mercs ( only because of their size, Tisophene is a standup guy and great player, its a shame Formingus had to ruin Enigma on them all)
6. Phoenix Alliance (The former Enigma players are better than the Ocean Players, but its like merging Kmart and Sears....you get an even bigger crappy alliance)
7. Crimson Elite....they had to come somewhere
8. Doesnt matter...these are the only alliances we deal with....oh wait VROD lol.....what happened to them