Kappa Top 12 Alliances Discussion


League of Corinth MK2 destined for obscurity? I think not my friend.
What alliances are most of your players from and what did you do with LoC MK1?

Welcome to the forum, it's nice to have someone who is not from PE, VRoD or FC for a change :)



Rogue is here also, just lurking around..

Trying to soak in all of FBMU's ego ;)

I'll type some rankings up in the next day or two from the northern perspective.


Oceans and Tau?

Nah, sploggo. Not an awful lot of Tau fellas around we took on board and it was one to start, then an academy, then took on the Pirates (yarrr..!) who decided to go there own way again, then we cut out the academy (which was Oceans Warriors). Struggling rim alliance for you, mate, but former Tau we ain't.
@Rudicus, we are mostly a homegrown alliance a lot of us have been there for a long time we have gained a couple of ex VRoD players and a couple from the old --X-- alliance but no one else from the top 15. And the LOC original alliance went down when our old founder went inactive so me and 3 others started MK2 and brought most of the alliance with us.

Long live LOCMK2


Rising Stars II well... like Rising Stars they have a star on their banner.... On a serious note for an academy alliance they seem to have the fomula just right, a dedicated team of teachers with a lot of points and they kick out all those inactive members. note to (enter RSII leaders name) you have 3 inactives at the bottom, get yo' kicking boots on.
sploggo, thank you for your kind words...

I'll give everyone a little insight (only once)...

RSII has been successful for one main reason, brotherhood. We do not only view FC and RS as sister alliances. We are all of the same body, just a different appendage. There is no player here that wouldn't give up troops or cities for their brother. Actually, to go further, my top players would sacrifice ranking for support, rather than always taking cities.
Thank you for reminding me that I am remiss in my duties, I am putting my boots on now....

As for being part of the testosterone that is flying around here... Let me quote from the movie, Devils Advocate... "Never let them see you coming".


Thanks for you insight JoD, like i said good to have you :)

RS44: So rouge are lurkers hu? Well FC players will know what i mean when i say you are a man of our own heart. We to are a bunch of lurkers lol! (FC joke)

Dirk: Don't try and take the credit for something FC has done or you will head in the same way Andy the Dog has lol! ;) (jk mate)



thanks for your good word.
we were all surprised to see our name in Kappa Top 12 Alliances Discussion since we were No 15 (now No13).
but we dont pay attention to ranking in any way, (alliance - personal -b.p.)
we just enjoy all our battles and respect all our polite and sincere enemies.


cabz bii

donths no one can deny you gusy are doing great when i first started kappa i was a noob lol and i got rimmed of ya lol
you guys are great players and work well together and arent shy of a good battle
congrats and keep up the good work


I agree, Cabz. Gorgones are, for my money, one of the best alliances I've ever seen.

This game would be much more 'interesting' if we were all limited to a 7 - 10 player alliance cap; and I wonder how many would be as successful at it as Gorgones have been under those conditions.


It would be very interesting with such a cap level. :cool:

However for myself, i would have liked to have seen a 25 or 30 player alliance cap on Kappa. :)

:p Had that been the case, we would not have merged with VRoD and i would have put my old alliance Skullduggery up against any other alliance on kappa and bet on them to win. ;).

In the entire time we where together we only had two people leave, we like FC and RS, RSII etc, where a family, brothers and sisters in arms who fought for each other and helped each other grow, learn, prosper and survive. :p

Sadly qualities that are seemingly lacking in many an alliance these days, one of the major failings of overly large alliances it would seem. :(

:pro: Not all fail at this, but most do, it is why i think Kappa is dying so rapidly, new players have to survive long enough to get involved and bring new blood to the battle ground, if they can not find or are not allowed to survive long enough in an alliance to learn, they will leave the world, sooner or later.

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Just a word from too!!!
As donths said, we were suprised to see so much talk around our alliance. We do believe that ALL alliances are really doing their best and we actually appreciate and respect everyone!
Again, we thank you all for your good words.

Thessalian (Diplomat)
Gorgones & Manges


I for one respect small alliances I find usually when you have these 10 player alliances they seem and actually do get a lot more done probraly the main reason is :
First they are active and have normaly have a same goal.
Secondly they do not have all the bullwax of having to deal with 30 to 100 players which to me seems like a great thing which liberates them of fully concentrating on the game.
Thirdly when you are a small number you know you have to have each others back no matter what and it makes every one pull their weight so for that I have much respect for these selective player alliances would be nice to see more player following your example.

the main reason why kappa has lost so many players from my point of view is because when you are part of an alliance with a lot of members you tend to end up having to deal with to much bullwax claims diplomacy with other alliances and even in between your own members like noob situation etc... I think every one here knows that is true and that tends to be the reason why most people get tired of the game and tend to leave.

so to finish off yes for these select player alliances don't change a thing and keep striving for more.
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I was in Public Enemy when we were 25ish members :D I can say for sure we would have put up a serious fight to anyone even when we were that size, we must have cleaned out about 6 alliances before chillax merged! (mostly thanks to sekeriadis lol!)

King McNultey

-Crimson Legion Elite has become, plainly, The Crimsons. They changed the name.
-The alliance The Crimson Empire is being shut down by the looks of it, Not sure yet. most of the members have joined The Crimsons.
-Threat looms as Public Enemy gets closer and closer to us....

Top 12 Alliances:

Public Enemy
The Crimsons
Strike Force
Rising Stars
Ocean Alliance
Rising Stars II
Infernal Knights
Crimson Guardians
-As you can see, Fat Camp has been booted out of the first page by these guys.

Written By: King McNultey, a fellow Member of the Crimson Guardians
Long Live The Empire!

Mac Edwards

-As you can see, Fat Camp has been booted out of the first page by these guys.

Written By: King McNultey, a fellow Member of the Crimson Guardians
Long Live The Empire!

Or looking a little bit closer at the real story behind all that;

FC might be giving up cities to allow members from RSII to jump in 57 or
Summer holidays are here so VM is here too for some of us

plenty of choice there, though i see no booting :p

Like GKM, we are not thriving on ranking. Hell! a new alliance of 80 players can be in front of us within days, so why would we fight for ranking when we obviously can't defend it due to number only?


So Mac Edwards, Cauthonus and czar666 are all the same person? Brain going into overdrive...