Top 12 Kasmenai Top 12 Sink or Swim


DBD doomed to sink yet again. It's kinda like hooking a fish but never actually pulling it out of the water. Ironic to use such an analogy, considering we're doomed to sink in said water.
Just trying to put thread back on track bud. Threw some random predicitions out there :) So close to WW now, maybe 5-6 weeks, looks like more swimming than originally thought earlier on in this thread..


NSD to sink that's an interesting one care to explain why?
Same as I said to ben SSS. Just a random predicition, but with a new number 1 with considerable points it's bound to turn nearly everyone else's attention to you all and guessed there would be more enemies for NSD because we are so close to WW.

general paulus

New Year, New Top 12!

Some of the best attackers in the world. Last week they opped EPIDEMIC and took over a dozen cities. Low average, but good teamwork. Pretty good fighters overall. Not much to say, they speak for themselves.

2. Criminally Insane - Swim
Yes! Its them! It goes without saying, they're going to win this world. They have the best teamwork. CI has control of o54, and they will likely take control of o44 in these upcoming days. I see few alliances that can even argue they're on par with CI.

3. Death Before Dishonor - Float
Well, they're alright I guess. They had the 2nd place alliance in the world merge into them, despite being the 8th place alliance at the time. They seem to all be new players who buy gold. Let's see if it can get them where they need to go.

4. The Varangian Guard - Swim
They've been at it on the offensive for weeks now, but seem to have been thrown onto the defensive these past few days. Most of them are seasoned veterans. At war with Hydras Hooligans, and winning by far! And 1st place for fighters too!

5. Nocturnos - Swim
They're eating everything in sight on the Western half of this world. They have complete control of the South-West, and The Lost Boys are barely showing any resistance in the war against them. So far they've taken 61 cities from TLB and lost 4. Some of the best players I've seen in this world - only alliance who can claim to be a match for CI.

6. Non Sunt Dii - Sink
Sorry, these guys just don't have it in them. Extremely uncoordinated efforts. Low average, MRA, and few successful defensive efforts against Old School Grepo Legends. They did have a decent offensive against TVG a week ago, but 4 cities gained hardly changes the landscape for them.

They are decent fighters, but lack organization. If some changes are made, they could be a real rise-against alliance. We may see them in the running for WW's someday.

8. Hydras Hooligans - Float

Getting slapped around a bit, but they've got the DBP to take them far. Not bad fighters. Likely going to do some real damage down the road.

9. True Fear - Sink
That James guy just can't stop buying gold long enough to lead his alliance. He's almost as inattentive as that GP guy. Besides the lack of an offensive effort entirely, they just don't seem to have a core. They're spread all over, from o56 to o44. Maybe if they merge into somebody they could get something accomplished.

10. St Albans Amicos - Swim
A good contender for the crown. Very resilient, and great activity/coordination. I assume we'll be seeing a lot of them in the coming months. More than a match for their adversary Black Flag Pirates.

11. Next Gen Grepo Legends - Float

Honestly a superb group, but their location leaves a lot to be desired. Good average, and few players which is nice. I could see them rising up to be a top alliance someday. They need to do some recruiting. Maybe get an academy or something.

12. Transient Drifters - Sink
They have a lot of points for not doing anything. They have lots of pacts/NAPs, and 0 wars. Lost a couple cities to that 2good4u alliance. They have still managed to keep a solid 12th place, so props for that. But how long can they last?

Honorable Mention: EPIDEMIC
Maybe if they can survive long enough EPI will see a halt to the relentless assault by Four Horsemen. They just need to banned together and hold out long enough for CI to come save them.

Its new years, you're all going to be drunk reading this anyways :D

Enjoy The Day,


errrrr aight, anyways happy new years people! but when u blast to the past like that u gotta remember NSD wasn't really on the map when it comes to top 12's at that point :3 the good times


You should not speak to a lady like that. You sound completely unhinged buddy...something getting to you? Mom fumigating the basement? Tell her young men need privacy.

I will say it once more for the slow people: bps dont matter, winning wars matters. At that you will find me very proficient....actually you already lost a war to me, didnt you? Forgot about that skirmish.

As for screwed him. I mean, lets call a spade a spade right? He put in months of work then got messed over by his "friends" and is now ghosting.

NSD reading this: They did it to kurbs, they will do it to you. Dont trust punks.
Needs to change that name to SirGhostsAlot, appears to be the modus operandi for Kurbads
I heed not that my grepolis lot
Hath little of greek in it
That the months of plunder to hit the top
can be lost in a game of simm to win it

I mourn not that the desolate
are happier dear TFLBetc.. then I,
but that you guys are going to be late
To have any of that sweet world wonder pie

An alliance named NSD -
'Superior' to mere mortals like me
They loudly proclaim
To have mastered this game
Can they back it all up? We'll see.

I like the phrase 'world wonder pie' though. Mmm, pie...


I would just like to say goodbye to all the other grepolis friends enemies and players. this is my last world. i like many others indulge myself with a bit of gold buying. now that the fine fellows at IMO have increased the price against the UK pound. Auf Wiedersehen chap's. you blew it.


I guess he was right :D

What a sham of a world, winning team was not even a team. Surely its a hallow victory for a bunch of guys not even team mates for the whole server? Surely it would of been better to actually win with your original team?? Then we look at number one fighters, that is a sham too, the number one team isn't even a number one team....they just stuck a caviar label on a bunch of dog don't make it caviar...

general paulus

I guess he was right :D

What a sham of a world, winning team was not even a team. Surely its a hallow victory for a bunch of guys not even team mates for the whole server? Surely it would of been better to actually win with your original team?? Then we look at number one fighters, that is a sham too, the number one team isn't even a number one team....they just stuck a caviar label on a bunch of dog don't make it caviar...
I don't know man, wouldn't be the first time the 2nd place alliance chose DBD.


So the illustrious Death Before Dishonor (number 2) and DBD Genesis (number 4) declared war on little old Chrome Angels (number 14).


As my reply says, we all thought finally! Surely an alliance 10 times our size should be able to bring war upon us?

Goauld57's later msg's (before he block half of us) further excited us, especially considering he promised death by providing body bags for us:

Body Bags.jpg

He didn't fail to disappoint, he demanded a city from a fellow player so he could get on our island! Lucky he left those body bags behind though, I needed them to help clean up all the bodies from all the empty transports:

706 Trans.jpg 861 Trans.jpg

I don't know what's worse, being a so called noob or losing your city to so called noobs :D


From all the trash talk and awkwardness of goauld blocking half of us after a few messages, we are officially going to state that we are deeply disappointed in the performance that was put up to defend those 2 cities. Next time we strongly recommend less trash talk and more work.


well done guys, looks like you're having fun out there in the back end of nowhere taking inactives or cities so far from any form of defence that you can attack at will. No natural enemies, it's almost like you're having a war on your own lol. You are officially the heroes of Ocean 75 (you can't hear it but I'm giving you a round of applause right now).