King of the Hill, Phi Style

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  1. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    So yeah most of you know the basics of the game but I'll do my level best to outline them for you lot that don't know them.
    The goal of the game is to claim the hill. Sounds simple right? Well it really is but let's try and refrain from doing the following few things in our lovely KoTH game: 1. No becoming invincible, nobody likes the guy that says that so don't be that guy.
    2. No killing everyone else and claiming the hill by that method, I personally hate when it then turns into a zombie version of KoTH. Yeah go ahead and kill individuals but please don't go all nuclear holocaust on us.
    3. Do not make a new hill if the current hill is still functioning, now what I mean by this is I don't want anyone posting this junk: " I build a new hill that is taller then your hill so I'm better, etc etc etc."

    Ok that was the what not to do part. So how do you claim the hill you ask? It's truely quite simple. We follow the same procedures that all great nations use when claiming something. We put our flag on it, that is the universal sign of ownership.

    Sample of KoTH:
    Poster 1: I claim the hill with my flag.
    Poster 2: I sneak up behind you and roll you down the hill like a log. I plant my flag, my hill.

    So yeah that's the basics of the game.

    I'll start us off: As I was walking I stumble upon a lovely unclaimed hill, so I walk to the top and place my flag on it (Yes I always carry a flag with me for circumstances such as this). My hill :)

    Come and get it :cool:
  2. Baudy, for stealing my idea from the Sorrows forum i demand recognition.
    Also, i give you a Manga magazine and while you are distracted i kick over you flag, and place mine. I also set up this handy auto-turret feature i installed to the flag for situations such as this.

    My Hill.
  3. firelord0001

    firelord0001 Guest

    hmm I got an idea !!!! :eek:
  4. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    Muahahahaha luckily for me I read so much manga that I have said magazine already. I go and borrow an EMP grenade from my buddy and lob it at your auto turret which disables it. I then distract you with copious amounts of booze and in your intoxicated state you roll yourself down the hill. I then replant my flag, My Hill.
  5. You forget that i am a mean drunk, and this is your mistake.
    I power right back up the hill, and pick up a stick...or rather i look at my hand and see a stick there - i couldn't rightly say where i found it.
    I run at you holding up my stick, shouting something that could be "my hill you Stoopie" or something seem more confused than anything else tbh. I rant at you about several topics, including religion and poetry. You are bored and don't like any of the topics, therefore leave the hill out of a sense of preservation for your sanity. I kick over your flag again and replant mine, for some reason pouring some alcohol ( no idea what it is, or how i got a hold of it) over your flag and throwing some fire on it (from a match, from a lighter? one of life's mysteries) and watch it burn. I hold my flag and use the pointy end to roast marshmellows. Not sure where i found them but they are THE BEST MARSHMELLOWS EVER.

    My Hill.
  6. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    I return shortly after devising a devious diversion. I shoot a bunch of fireworks off and while you stand there in awe of this awesome display of lights and explosions I create a trail of marshmellows that leads down off the hill. Once the fireworks end you discover the previously mentioned trail of fluffy goodness and proceed to follow it to it's conclusion. While you are off on your expedition I reclaim the hill with my spare flag

    My Hill.
  7. sploggo

    sploggo Guest

    I throw pebbles at you untill you flee the hill, I then unfold a flag(complete with pole) from my pocket, and hide it in the middle of a pop up maze at the top of the hill.

    my hill
  8. CheezeHead

    CheezeHead Strategos

    Apr 5, 2011
    I am Cheeze.

    I therefore win.

    My hill.
  9. I eat the Cheeze. Because I am hungry. Therefore i win. And Cheezy breath keeps others away.

    My Hill
  10. Areeman

    Areeman Guest

    (Why I am posting here, I do not know!)

    I bore you with the various untold greek myths so badly that you collapse from a brain stroke. I look around to see if anyone's looking then kick your limp-*** body down the hall. I don't have a flag so I take out a marker and scratch out your emblem on one side and deface the other and claim it as my own.

    M Y H I L L !
  11. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    I nuked the hill and the hill turns into dust

    the games over
    (i am playing this game every day in my alliance forum so got bored of it)
  12. sploggo

    sploggo Guest

    Breaking the laws of the game arul asveen is deemed a jovial chap by all playing and is herefore banned thus voiding his claim on the hill

    my hill
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  13. CheezeHead

    CheezeHead Strategos

    Apr 5, 2011
    I join my fellow Tiny Teddy, so that makes two people own the hill, and that means the next person who tries to take the hill can only kill one of us thus resulting in the Tiny Teddies still owning the hill :)
  14. I join the other tiny teddies and share my booty of marshmellows and drink :) We Teddies now have an impenetrable picnic :)

    Our Hill
  15. Baudin Toolan

    Baudin Toolan Staff Member

    Mar 22, 2010
    Hmm multiple Teddies......I change your clocks and calendars so they you think it's time to hibernate. While you stock pile food and find a cave in which to sleep I stealthily reclaim the hill, My Hill
  16. Aicy

    Aicy Strategos

    Feb 3, 2010
    I nuke everyone and then give myself an invincible shield which means I the hill is mine, and always will be mine.

    I also build a bigger, better hill.

    My hills.
  17. sploggo

    sploggo Guest

    I downrep aicy into ablivion (over several months) and then build a hill from his dispairs and broken dreams.

    my hill
  18. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    i bring my sling nuke,cat nuke, chariot nuke, ls nuke, trims nuke , swords and arches nuke(to defend) and attack u
    u die trembling with fear :p

    then i also asked the gods Zeus pos hera athena hades to help me out
    zeus gave me a powerful chariot which cant be cheated nor destroyed
    pos gave me a brim which cant be destroyed
    hera keeps my army in good condition and when casts u desire when u attack me
    athena gave me divine shield
    hades will make sure that all my opponent army who got killed will not escape:p

    MY HILL!!!
  19. sploggo

    sploggo Guest

    its amazing how many nukes you can fit in a 1.3k city arul, how do you do it.
    I dry up the hills well and you all die of thirst. I take plenty of bottled water up the hill and claim it as my own

    my hill
  20. arul asveen

    arul asveen Guest

    i actually made a bug in grepo so i got that much troops:p
    hera always protects me
    so u cant do that :p

    arul is soooo cool and intelligent but unappreciated