King Of The Hill

StUnEd FrOg

I get bored and decide to get violent,
I run up the hill and blow a hole in you with my shotgun!
My hill,

Ps. Chair still really warm :p


you got bored because nobody tried to take your hill for many days and you fell asleep. While you were sleeping I sent Justin Bieber and asked him to sing to you. When he started to sing tou woke up screaming and left the hill running down as fast as you col. i paid Bieber in candies and he left.
My Hill
I missed my nice and warm


i couldnt think of an interesting way to take the hill and got frustrated that it wasnt mine, so as i hate to lose i blew up the hill and picked up my ball and went home ;)



Shiney new hill !!

Being the corporate tycoon I am i simply instruct my lawyers to leverage a buyout of your hill, then welch on the deal and leave you penniless crying at the fresh electric gates I have made around the base of the hill to stop all these pesky interlopers from wandering up with daisy and shizzle !!!

You didnt even last an hour !!

Mai hill.


I enlist some russian spys and they approach the hill and pretend to be jehovahs witnesses, you invited them in as you where bored and they proceed in spiking your tea with plutonium, you are hospitalised but die three days later ............ my hill

Fist Of The North Star

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I punch the ground which sends devastating ripples towards you, shaken like a leaf you run like a little girl away from the hill

My hill


I propel in behind you from the helicopter i rented, and knife you in back. You roll down the hill and stop inches away from the electric fence (i am assuming it is still there since no one said they took it down) and i call the hospital. After they take you away, i build a roof and plant my flag on MY HILL.


The only reason i ran away was to get my sword and shield. I grab my sword and shield, and give you a small cut across the stomach and run down the hill screaming in panic. Unfortunately, i did not turn off the electric fence, and you ran into it. So, not wanting you to die, i called the hospital once more, and they advise me to get rid of the electric fence. I do not heed their advise.
Well the ambulance was speeding and it couldnt stop, so it went up the hill and ran over ur legs. I dug a hole from Omicron to the Hill of Nu and saw you there in pain. So I threw you at the fence and u got stuck. I turned the fence on and u became dust. I then took the dust and put them in Omicron where I hired coonies to watch the dust and make sure you dont pop out of it. I surveyed every world making sure I didnt kill a decoy but I killed the real you. I hired people to put a 10,000 ft expansion to the top of the fence, ensured there was only 1 switch in - the one in my hand. I then turned on the fence, grabed your shield and used it to cover up the hole I dug from Omicron. then I plastered the surface of the hill with steel and began the picnic atop MY HILL


I am the Ebola virus

I land as a speck on your head

You head becomes my hill until you die, then I lurk upon MY HILL waiting for another victim !!

So much for your steel and fence !!



your ships are sunk on a coral reef...

I am a pig so the ebola virus changes to the harmless H1N1 virus... I plant my mud ridden flag on the hill.


Sounds like most of your conquests in game. Maybe I can take the same approach...

While frog is busy looking for inactives to send his CS to (like maybe one of Qberts), I sneak up behind him and bound and gag him. While his alliance mates cheer, I roll him down the hill and bask in the applause of his biggest "fans".

My hill...

StUnEd FrOg

lol Qbert....
Mate whats gotta be done gets done!
As you rolled the wrong guy down the hill,
my fans are simply cheering about me loading my shotgun behind your back,
Sadly you dont remember the rest as I shoot your legs out from underneath you letting you helplessly fall down off the hill,
Still my hill.