King Of The Hill


Hmph, 2 "guys" alone on top of a hill, one can only wonder what was humpening, I mean happening, there...

Unfortunately for a little feller like froggy, the "heft" of lifting his nerf gun had him in fantastical pride, his imagination kicking into hyperdrive as he pictured a "shotgun" in his hands. After the nerf bullets bounced harmlessly off my legs, I scolded him and sent him down to the bottom of the hill to help out the wrong guy, asking him that he please relay my apologies to the poor guy.

My hill...


I come with a tank and make Swiss cheese out of you
My hill


I payed off my debt and keep up with my taxes. The IRA cant touch me. MY HILL!!!


Your too much of an upstanding citizen now you have paid your taxes that you become soft, so one push and your off that hill, this is my hill, :p