Advanced Kit


try asking in the shops section or just play around with the pic using GIMP or Photoshop,
I had some time so I just played around and got this

Joueur 22

I like your picture, but I would prefer to have a picture more blie, cold, like ice.


Hes new to the forums.

Joueur 22 - Many of the old sig makers have quit so you have to look for those that are still around by looking at the last time someone posted in that thread. There are only 3 or 4 artists right now and it will take a while but check out the shops first since not many reply in requests.


J, you provided a bad pic. The maximum allowed height of the signature is 120 pixels. (that is when the image will be always visible) If you resize your given image to 120px in height, the face will be so tiny, it won't be funny. If you want you signature to be over 120 pixels, then it will be always hidden, unless people click the Spoiler button. I can assure you that a lot of people don't click on spoiler.


I always click the spoiler. Its just so tempting and it is always calling me name: "Studpuppy......Studpuppy.........Studpuppy"


Sure, I'll have a stab at this.

It's pretty amateur, but it's freelance so what do you expect. :p



Hope you enjoy.

Edit: Eww they look really different. If you like one of them better than the other, let me know and I'll make the other one match. ;)