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Hello players of Knossos,many things changed from our last edition.Lets see what happened.Many trolls members moved in Legion of Death alliance,except the founder -Spyder-:D.Brothers of Truth falling apart and their players leaving.New upcoming powers some of them MRAs,take a look,Dire Wolves many members but most of them are located in ocean 55,Babilon alliance MRA will not last long,Checkmate as their profile says are Russians,in my opinion they are good team.Warlords,Silver.,The Republic,Valheru,Lords of Knossos have many similarities nothing special.Legion of Death leading the ranking,R4GE 2nd rank not appear as a threat at this moment.Jaguar Warriors if they play smart they can hit and smash Dire Wolves and become 1st power at their core.



1 Legion of Death
2 R4GE
3 Dire Wolves
4 Jaguar Warriors
6 Lords of Knossos
7 Babilon Alliance
8 Valheru
9 Checkmate
10 Warlords
11 Silver.
12 The Republic


1 MakeMoney .Legion of Death
2 Antonyo13...Checkmate
3 CharlesKak...Jaguar Warriors
4 Polemos1.....Legion of Death
5 Jebusius......R4GE
6 lukjackm......Legion of Death
7 xdhaj..........Legion of Death
8 Dux Vox......Legion of Death
9 BIG JAKES...Legion of Death
10 Zbar..........Legion of Death
11 Crazyhag12.Legion of Death
12 jephrox8.....* REBELS *
Sir Henriksen interview founder of Legion of Death
-What do you think about the state of this world right now?
-What do you think needs to be done to make this world more interesting?

Too early to say much, many alliances still positioning themselves with lots of merges, recruitment and disbanding going on. I'm sure after a couple more weeks the alliances will settle down and we'll see who is in the best position to win.

The alliance cap should be dropped, 200 is way too many players for a speed 3 world, have a look at the top 2 alliances in Delphi where there are 200 total players who dominate the whole core and some outer oceans too.

veerwolf interview founder of ATALANTE
-What do you think about the state of this world right now?
-What do you think needs to be done to make this world more interesting?
-Do you think that you are MRA or not?

State of the world is fairly quick and there are way too many small cities, under 1000 pts.
It's interesting enough for now, see how it goes in the future.
As far as the MRA, most of us came over from Zeta and have been together for awhile. I guess it would fit the definition of MRA especially at first.

Interview of Jebusius one of the best attackers in ocean 44
-What do you think about the state of this world right now?
-What do you think needs to be done to make this world more interesting?
-You are one of the top players in ocean 44 have you any plans for the future?

This world is still quite chaotic and everyone is coming into their own. Most MRA's are as usual very disorganized, but there are some promising larger alliances at the moment.

Honestly, this is the most interesting world thus far. People are pretty active because if you build correctly there is always something to do. The only thing that could make it more entertaining is raising troops speed to 3 to match the world speed. It would make people be more active to be competitive, but it would also make it so that people could farm more and faster.

My plans lol. I plan to with the help of my alliance and maybe some others destroy Brothers of Truth. We are currently at war with them and it is not fairing well for them atm... although they are very large so we will see how it goes.

Thanks for your time until next edition goodbye.(F)
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when's the next issue coming out??
This time you gotta include reports on the wars going on in knossos.
Good Luck

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Village Idiot wants to take the newspaper,maybe there is someone who wants to help him.I am banned days ago for my profile in game and out of this world.