Knossos world alliance


Hello everyone this is my first External forum Post. In the world Knossos i have an alliance called the Olympians in Ocean 76 for people who dont get accepted by alliances because they are 2 small. from 300 and up you can join! heres the interesting part:

First person to join will become Co-Founder
Second Person to join will become Leader

Co-Founder will choose Recruiter (optional: may choose 2 recruiters)
Leader will choose Diplomat

All of us will be The Council.
WE will pass the rules, ask us if you have any doubts

Thank you,

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- Horus -

Hello Olympus,

Welcome to the forums, there is a 'Meet the players' section where you can post a proper introduction in the right place. :p

In future, if you are making an alliance for a particular world, try going instead for the 'Premades' subforum of this section. :)

Best of luck for your group in Knossos.