Newspaper Kos Weekly Edition 1

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Hey guys,
This is the first ever edition of Kos Weekly. First off, the rankings:

Top 12 Players:
1diaboolikos1748Legion X
2leurkhisis1695Kos Elite
3mat6401679Legion X
4mortal-99991673AD ALTIORA
5Rowan III1669Legion X
6ramkopis1652VIVAT REX
7Larso1649The Shadow Force
8H3kz1636Enter the Dragon
9Arasko1624Enter the Dragon
10kecskepapi1618Legion X
11Rheikkinen1605Legion X

Top 12 Alliances:
RankNamePointsPlayersAverage Points
1The Shadow Force60803491241
2Kos Elite58049501161
3Elite Trojans55828491139
4The Mayans52525501051
5Enter the Dragon51075401277
6Legion X50288381323
7Spartan Warriors48919471041
8The Brotherhood Academy4642147988
9The Furious4318846939
12Deus ex machina3830539982

Top 12 Alliance ABP Rankings:

1Enter The Dragon3013
2Kos Elite1530
4Elite Trojans1092
7The Mayans991
8Empire of Death978
9Legion X958
10Spartan Warriors920
11The Shadow Force845
12Picky Eaters706

Topic of the Week: MRAs (Mass Recruitment Alliance)
There are many mixed opinions about MRA’s, are they good, are they bad. MRA’s are one of Grepolis’ most common subjects. It has many pros a cons but basically occur in every world in Grepolis history. Although many argue that some MRA’s are elite or are capable of great things, bottom line is they have a massive amount of players recruited over many oceans. The pros of MRAs is their amount of players. If they have a strong leader, MRAs can wipe out other competition just because of the rate they can produce resources troops and even favor. They can cover great distances and expand quicker than other smaller alliances can. One major con of MRAs are their coordination ability and a efficient system of communications. As many of you know, communication on forums or skype is key to an alliance’s success. Many times, the better coordinated and active an alliance is, the faster it can respond and get a city or defend one. This is one thing that small alliances excel at. It is much easier to get 50 people to work together than it is to get 150 players, granted the players are active. One very big disadvantage to MRAs is the huge target they put on their back. Many alliances gun down MRAs from the end, either from feeling threatened or just going along with what happens in every world. It seems like MRAs are very common but also very dangerous. If used correctly, an MRA can do some serious damage and eliminate all competition in a world.


Next up, interviews:

I interviewed the top 12 alliance leaders as of Friday so it might be a bit out of date, hope it’s ok…

The Shadow Force with Sir-Saint:
Kayfon: How do you think the world is shaping up?
Sir-Saint: Of course, as everyone knows, The Brotherhood (now Legion X) is going to be in a tough spot. The very thing that they did to strengthen themselves (recruit as many players as possible and create sister alliances), in my opinion, will be what will be their downfall. Even with the apparent partial disbanding of TBH, and the creation of LX, with such a high point average, is too little too late. No alliance can stand up to fighting 4 others their size, ad there are 4 alliances the same size or bigger, that want them dead.

Of course, this leads to another problem. Once LX is destroyed, the new top 4 alliances will be pacted. That means that either they will need to fragment and begin fighting those who were once their allies, or they will need to expand to the rim, taking over high point average rim alliances, expanding in 4 directions.

As far as alliances that I see standing the test of time:

The Shadow Force, of course I am bias here, but at the same time I know who I have, and how much combined experience we have here more than anyone else, and I do not see us falling.

Elite Trojans, they had a slow start, low point average, but I think that their leaders have experience, and I will be surprised if they fall anytime soon.

Kos Elite, latecomers to the server, aparently they were a group that came over from another server, meaning a low points average at first, but I can see them being a real threat in the long-run.

Enter The Dragon, your alliance as it is, the first alliance that I talked to about a pact, and about a military relationship. The first high point average alliance on the server, now dropped down to second, but that is without the enormous amount of players to pick from like TBH had. Also as far as I understand, quite a few are old comrades from another server, that means they should be in sync and be a good fighting machine together. Deffidently an alliance that I see standing the test of time.

Unbeatable, they have held a moderate point average the entire server, not top, but not bad either. I don't see them going anywhere, but I also don't see them going too far up the rankings.

Alliance that I do not see standing the test of time:

Legion X, as stated before, they just have created too many enemies far too soon in the server, I do not see them staying around for long, atleast not in the capacity that they are, perhaps they will be forced to restart as players lose cities, and become a top rim alliance.

The Mayans and Spartan Warriors, they are both latecomers, they have bolstered themselves up to the top 12 only through recruitment, they have very low point averages, and I can't see them going far, I may be wrong, but I doubt it.

Dues ex machina, nothing to even be said here, one of the lowest point averages on the top 12, they will not make for a good alliance, but their cities may serve to bolster the ranks of other alliances.

The Furious and Valhalla, the two lowest point averages on the entire first page or rankings, they will fall quickly, their only hope is for their top members to merge in to another top alliance.

The Brotherhood Academy, they have no chance, the academy to the alliance that is more hated than ANY other on the server? They will be food for the masses, I will be suprised if they last long at all after conquests begin.

Kayfon: Who would you think is your biggest threat as of now and how are you planning to prepare for that threat?
Sire-Saint: Biggest threat? Concidering our diplomatic stances, Legion X.

As far as how, that is a bit to much info. I would rather potential enemies not know how we plan to deal with them ;)
We do indeed have a plan though.
Kayfon: How does it feel to be the first place alliance?
Sir-Saint: Dangerous. Of course, right now everyone hates TBH and LX, but TSF's day will come, everyone wants to be strong, and any alliance with the ranked 1 won't last forever.
Kayfon: How do you think the game will proceed after BP ends, any powerful alliances or players you see out there?

Sir-Saint: Legion X will probably see a good jump in DPB, I will be surprised if their APB goes up too quickly, I could be wrong though, if they attack a lot of inactive players who have gotten quests for troops and such, then their APB could go up nicely.

I know a few alliances that are chomping at the bits to get at LX, if they play it smart, tey should see a good jump in APB. I would keep an eye on Elite Trojans and Enter The Dragon for APB.

The Brotherhood Academy could also see a good jump in DPB, a lot of alliances will probably see them as the weakest link in the hated group.
Kayfon: If you could change one thing in this world, what would it be?
Sir-Saint: There isn't much that I do not like about this server other than the speed, but I don't complain about that.

MRAs, TBH has gotten the server off to a bad start. A mutual war with TBH, with a coalition of the top alliances, will be great for a first big war. But once that is over, the top alliances that are remaining will have to begin fighting old allies, and it is never fun fighting against someone you once fought beside.
Kayfon: Anything else you wanna say to the Kos Forum?
Sir-Saint: Nothing

Kos Elite
Didn’t reply
Elite Trojans with LoanWolfo (I asked Dmic for the founder, not sure if he’s actually active, only got halfway into the interview)
Kayfon: How do you think the world's shaping up?
LoanWolfo: Well i dont know so far but i aint liking what The brotherhood are doing it like cheating in my opinion
Kayfon: Now that BP has ended, what are you expecting from your alliance?
LoanWolfo: Well i dont know yet but ocean 55 is a mess but im aiming high
Really dont like brotherhood just saying -_-

The Mayans
Said ok but didn’t answer first question -_-
Enter The Dragon with Sasa Radovich
Kayfon: How do you think the world is shaping up?
Sasa Radovich: Kayfon in this moment hard to say.Past 3 days i was concentrating to rise my own alliance so i didnt pay attention a lot on alliances.

I think Unbeateble could be good alliance...early to say

What can i say is that,i can tell that this world is full of new players.Got tons of messages.
Kayfon: Who do you think is your biggest threat and how do you plan on preparing for that?
Sasa Radovich: threat?i was thinking we would be a threat.i see 1 alliance but wont tell wich is.
Kayfon: How do you think the world will grow after BP ends, recognize any powerful players/alliances?
Sasa Radovich: There is some good players who i know,about alliances can't comment.
Kayfon: If there's one thing you could do to improve this world what would it be?
Sasa Radovich: speed :)
Kayfon: anything else you wanna tell the Kos Forums?
Sasa Radovich: Beware of us!!!

Legion X
Said ok but didn’t answer first question -_-
Spartan Warriors with pavanayi:
Kayfon: How do you think the world's shaping up so far?
pavanayi: well that's a bit to early to call ain't it ? in my opinion i feel so,
but the fact that some of the alliances have started their own academies doesn't comfort me as such , time will tell i figure.
Kayfon: How do you think your alliance is doing compared to the rest of the top 12?
pavanayi: Well our name has no originality :p , but then what is Grepolis without a few Sparta alliances eeeh ?

well our Average score is pretty low and we look like an MRA ( maybe we are ?)but the fact that we concentrate on only Ocean 45(80%)(Ranked 1 in ocean 45) and a few towns in 55 comforts me .
Kayfon: What's your look on the Brotherhood chain?
pavanayi: their Legion X looks impressive , and they have the Academy and the clan so totally like 3 Alliances which is roughly coming closer to 120 130 members i think , but still waiting for the Beginners Protection to end so that we can analyse them more.
Kayfon: If you could change anything to this world, what would it be?
pavanayi: well i am pretty ok with this world now , well was initially skeptical about how people may turn th 50 member cap on alliances , but so far i've only counted 2 alliances with Academies
Kayfon: Anything else you wanna tell the Kos Forums?
pavanayi: well nothing much in particular i feel
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The Brotherhood Academy with Fingo18:
Kayfon: How do you think the world's shaping up?
Fingo18: A: It is going to be interesting
Lots of alliances have now hit the limiter in terms of members so it will be seeing who has chosen the right ones. Everyone is very close together and it could go any way at the moment
Kayfon: How do you think your alliance is compared to the top 12?
Fingo18: We need to fill roughly 20 places and we have 150 people. With Legion X having the highest point average in the world everyone can see that we arent for joking about.
as a group we are progressing strongly

Very soon we will retake the number 1 spot
Kayfon: What would you like to say to the people criticizing your alliance?
Fingo18: I would like to answer that with 1 simple fact; since we have had around 15 members in the original alliance we have not sent out any unwanted or uninitiated requests.
If you are looking for a MRA you will have to look elsewhere.
Kayfon: How do you think running a big alliance like the brotherhood compare to if you only had one alliance?
Fingo18: Well actually it isnt as big as you think
In Idalium I am one of 4 founders of Sacred Order We have 196 members. Here though it is different it is earlier in the game and we are better, more active and better prepared for what is to come. We have several players who have already won a world and their input is invaluable to propelling us higher.

I feel that we have dealt with the problems associated with having 3 alliances very well. But I wont tell you how ;)
Kayfon: If you could change one thing to the world what would it be?
Fingo18: Give everyone in my alliance an extra 5 cities
Kayfon: Anything else you wanna tell the Kos Forums?
Fingo18: dont join Enter the Dragon :p

The Furious
Were not in top 12 when messages were sent out
Were not in top 12 when messages were sent out
Didn’t reply
Deus ex machine with Troy Thomason
Kayfon: How do you think the world's shaping up so far?
Troy Thomason: It's really too early to tell. There are a number of alliances that have formed up very quickly but it's hard to say how organized they really are. It should become much clearer in the coming weeks.
Kayfon: Who would you consider as a threat and how do you think your alliance will do against them?
Troy Thomason: We're still forming up as are many other alliances so it's hard to tell. However, I'm quite pleased with how we are progressing. As far as threats, there are none at the moment. Ask me again in a couple months.
Kayfon: What are your predictions for the sink/float of the current top 12?
Troy Thomason: That's almost impossible to do at this time without some serious research of the players on not just the top 12 but the top 40 or 50 alliance. However, I think it will look very different in a couple of months than it does today once smaller alliances start merging, players begin to drop out, new players join, etc.
Kayfon: If you could change one thing in this world what would it be?
Troy Thomason: The maximum alliance size is a little small. I would probably increase that to around 75.
Kayfon: Would you like to say anything else to the Kos Forums?
Troy Thomason: Yes, make sure you include an "Obituaries" section.
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