Krypteia - Winners Of Tau



You Have fought long and hard, your time has arrived. You have deservedly been awarded the title...

Winners Of Tau.

Share your thoughts your stories and even your certificates here.

We'd like to extend our thanks to all of our enemies for what has been an epic fight.

Krypteia - We have become a massive family, this whole experience has been amazing, with a massive SKype community of nearly 150 people - no emergency could hold us back from instant solutions.

Special Thanks goes to mummy for keeping us all in line,, Diane of Kefalonia your just amazing.

Best Wishes to you all.

Krypt Council




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May be a gifted account, but I've fought for it like it were my own - Career 116 CS Snipes since taking over in January :D

Much love to the all of the Krypteia family
  • Krypteia
  • The Academy of Krypteia
  • Near infinite Skype rooms and Skype community

The Thor Forever squad
  • aquestmark
  • AussieMTB
  • kostrc
  • ShastaCola
  • smith281
  • thecurds
and special thanks to
  • Jeff (JTApollo) for giving me the opportunity to return to Tau with his gift.
  • Undefined1.4 & epg kid for getting me hooked on this game
  • TangoSierra for returning to Tau to help in the fight and putting up with all my BS
  • Silza - you're cool bro
  • Kootacular/ clapax/ JamboCaz/ kostrc/Schorpeion22/legendica- for always being there whenever I got the rare CS inside my city :p
  • The Krypteia Council, you know who you are ;)
  • And anyone who ever made this game even remotely fun

    Big Hug!!!

Every contribution mattered and ultimately made the difference when making this possible. It has been a privilege, everyone. And many thanks to our enemies as well!! Without you guys we would have never needed to come up with silly excuses to leave work early, cut class, or developed obscene caffeine addictions!! :p

Good fight,

TaskCo1 (Alex), Proud Krypt


Been a little quieter of late but did my bit - well done to all Krypts (D)
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