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Hey there people, it's me again! You're not going to believe this, I have the second part of the infamous report from Krypteia labs. As usual I left some comments on the document which you can easily recognize by my distinctive handwriting. Enjoy!


This report is top secret.

Our focus this time was ancient lore and long-lost artifacts. Their power and abilities will allow our soldiers and commanders prevail against our enemies.

1. Krypteia's Written Ancient Pages (or KWAP for short)

This spell tome will prove invaluable in our just fight against the enemy. We have spent months translating the faded manuscript and understanding its properties.
The only thing we were unable to understand was the name of the author - Okeanus Veteranus. Our archives of powerful warlocks and wizards of the past don't show a match on this name. However the spells contained inside seem genuine and so after successful lab tests we are ready to use our newly gained knowledge of the arcane world in real combat.

Visual aid to KWAP:

The spell tome was used by brave commander Valasyrka and brave commander HOOLIGAN-1. These were the results. We're still not sure what went wrong:

LOL I can tell you what went wrong: One casting Sea Storm on an overland attack, the other one casting Zeus' Rage on a naval attack. Pure genius. :D

2. Krypteia's Advanced Advice Device (or KAAD for short)

We found this artifact buried next to a body of a very powerful seer who had the ability to predict future and had an answer to every possible question imaginable. It will allow us to know what's going to happen before it actually happens. I'm using it right now and thanks to this device I know in advance what I will say before I say it. Not many people here have the same advantage and I feel honored to be using it.

Visual aid to KAAD:

We asked the powerful artifact a question: Should we use LS escort with our attacks? The answer was surprising, but who are we to doubt the power of the ancient times.

Brave commander Cancar and brave commander mcfinger509 were our volunteers:

3. Blinding Aquatic Liquid Light (or BALL for short)

At first this artifact was a huge mystery as to its purpose and use. Then someone who had just returned from a recon mission using KRAPS suit had an idea: Let's hang in under the ceiling and connect it to electrical current. What happened next can't possibly be described by words. It was a miracle.

Visual aid to BALL:


I'm telling you: You can NOT imagine what was going on while they were testing this thing. Luckily I had my camera with me:

This was probably the reason why nobody noticed me sailing towards the labs on my bireme.

I climbed on the very front of the ship (yes, like in TITANIC) the and waved the OCEANS VETERANS flag while the bireme rammed a massive gaping hole into the hull of the anchored CS. The massive Colony ship went under in minutes, all but the top of the central mast ending up submerged in the azure waters of the bay at Dionysos. I sailed as close to it as I could and left them a little note on a wooden board, which I hammered to the mast. It was written in ancient greek letters. The translation would be something like this:

So that's it folks! Oh, and if you want to know how I made it inside this time, I have only two words for you. Ninja lessons!

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How did you know??? I could've sworn that vending machine was real... :)

I'm telling you: You can NOT imagine what was going on while they were testing this thing. Luckily I had my camera with me:

That's me on the bottom right dancing... I'm so ashamed :(
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