dont drop your thors hammer when you are turning into an enigma of their nightmares of elysium at the moment when you give them your one piece of solid stalwart and shove it up theirs so they feel the blades of chaos those inglorious bastards and make them feel exiled untill the moment comes and you ask them: youmadbro?
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BS. baffles brains.

After the Krypt. Easter egg offensive and looking at the battle reports, i have realized you guys have nothing special, just numerical superiority and no social life.
Me, i have had a lovely Easter out in the garden with the family, hoping all you Krypts have had a nice relaxing holiday as-well.

Intel building, clock ticking.
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Damn dude you edited 2 days later? I just realized lol

Yah Easter was fun. So was April Fools Day

Whens the next holiday? :D