Newspaper Lapithos Lies issue 1


Right, in the absence of a serious attempt at a newspaper for so long, I'll have a bash at something that endeavours to adhere to the best journalistic standards of the UK tabloid press, i.e. I'll make up anything I feel like, and all complaints should be directed to the Lapithos Press Complaints Commission, i.e. me, who will ignore them. :pro:



Decline and Fall. The BDL story.

War and Peace. What's happening, and what's not.

Decline and Fall

So they're gone. They dominated the points tables just as they dominated the core for so long, but in the end, the pressures told. Internal division led to splits and huge inactivity, dreadful decisions on strategy and tactics made it much simpler for enemies, and those enemies made hay. Final scores don't tell the full story, as there were many unattached players at the end who were also swept up, but for the record, here are the final scores against their major enemies:

Requiem 23 BDL 2
Wargasm 112 BDL 47
Knights 147 BDL 31
Honour 15 BDL 45
Freedom 47 BDL 1
Lost Souls 145 BDL 8

War and Peace

Currently, there are several wars going on between various groups of alliances:

SPQR v Lost Souls and Requiem

A long-running war to the south of the core, this shows no signs of ending.

Latest scores:

SPQR 5 Requiem 53
SPQR 8 Lost Souls 55

Considering how long this war has been running, the numbers aren't all that high; these sides are fairly well matched, and this war is likely to run all the way to WWs.

Wargasm v Knights and Freedom

A new war to fill a BDL-shaped gap.

Scores on the doors:

Wargasm 2 Freedom 17
Wargasm 0 Knights 14

Interesting to see how this one develops...

UHKL and UKHL v Freedom and Knights

Rather odd wars here, pretty unnecessary and very one-sided:

UKHL 1 Freedom 9
UHKL 1 Freedom 39
UHKL 0 Knights 17

Remember that Honour - UHKL - chose the Freedom war, and provoked the Knights one. UKHL - Union of Kalmar - are looking stronger, and indeed in their war with Wargasm have recorded a score of 13-1 in their favour.

That's it for now, more soon... as soon as I've made it up. ;)
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Knights just lost 87 cities to UHKL :eek:



peace time fever grips Grepo !! everyone declares Love not War .... no fighting for a month in Lapithos


Just wait for the interviews - you two will be amazed at what you've said... ;)


Knights,where was Freedom last night? While you sent 250+ attacks on me they sent 5 or 6 of them,but seriously i got about 15 attacks from them and that was from 2 players and those werent exactly your top class attacks,maybe you will realize that Freedom (aka BDL) is just dragging your arround for their own benefit.