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Lapithos Weekly

This is my first time doing this so dont expect too much​
Todays topics
Rankings and overall map
Ocean by ocean analysis
Interviews with the founders of the top 6 alliances​

First topic of the day:Rankings and overall map

I dont really have anything to say about this,you can see everything you need to know and you already seen it,but i thought it would be nice to start off with it.


Here is the current map with S.P.Q.R Empire taking the south,Grim Sleepers sitting in O65 and O75,Knights,Requiem and Honour coalition are streching across O35,O34,O33 sharing O43 with The Union of Kalmar and fighting with BDL in O44.
Lost Souls (II) own O45 and O46 but they are fighting for control in O55,WARGASM is based in O54 and fighting for control of that ocean with BDL and while also having strong presance in O53 and O55.
The last but not the least is B.D. Legion,they are fighting in both of their core oceans,in O54 they are fighting WARGASM and in ocean 44 with Knights also they have a strong presance in the O55 but they might find them selves in the fight with Lost Souls and WARGASM soon.

I am sorry but the world has overgreown my screen and for that reason ,O43 and the southern part of S.P.Q.R Empire are not on the map.


Lost Souls (II)
S.P.Q.R Empire
Knights,requiem and Honour

Second topic:Ocean by ocean analysis

As the name says this is ocean by ocean anaylsis but i wont be analysing every ocean,just the interesting ones.


Lost Souls (II) will be in war over this ocean BDL (II) and S.P.Q.R Emire will definetly have their hands in this ocean,while WARGASM will most likely stick to the borderlines.


Lost Souls (II) 360 cities
BDL (II) 353 cities
WARGASM and Grim Sleepers 139 cities
S.P.Q.R Empire 59 cities


This ocean is shared between WARGASM and BDL,BDL is currently on the offense but with making a lot of enemies maybe they will cool of in this ocean and let WARGASM take iniciative.

P.S At least i hope things change in this ocean cause it seems like i am their (BDLs) only freaking target in here :)


WARGASM 486 cities
BDL 337 cities


This ocean is shared among BDL and Knights,Requiem and Honour coalition with both of them attacking each other,unfortunatly for now that is all the info i have about this ocean.


BDL 518 cities
Knights,Requiem and Honour 278 cities


In this ocean war is beeing fought between Lost Souls II and S.P.Q.R Empire,but LS II has a big advantage since their opponents are cut of of their mainland.
Requiem is holding #3 in this ocean.


S.P.Q.R Empire 62 cities
Lost Souls II 86 cities
Requiem 30 cities

Third topic:Interviews

Questions for everyone were the same and in the same order.

1.What do you think about the current wars taking place between B.D. Legion and WARGASM or between S.P.Q.R Empire and Lost Souls (II)

2.Who do you think will have superiority over O55 after Pit Bulls disbanded and BDL took some of their members in.

3.How do you think the map has shaped out,in your opinion who has a good position on the map and who will have a rough time in the future.

4.Your personal thoughts on the world and anything else you want to add.

Interview with Whitedemon99 (Lost Souls II)​
1.SPQR is our enemy for quite a while LSII has focused to take their cities prior in 36,46 and we were quite succesful so far and the consolidation of our core oceans 45,46,36, will continue. The war is not intense all the time we have ops they have ops and so it goes on..... As for BD group our attitude to them has changed few days ago from NAP to an enemy so we are actually at war against them too especially in north 45 and in 55. As for their war against Wargarsm i dont wanna comment it and it would be fair to ask directly them both how do they see it. Anyway BD are strong enemy and we expect that our war will go on for long.

2.heh, im not a fortune teller to know this, but ocean 55 is very unique place and a warzone of many different alliances, we suppose this ocean will never be safe enough to build any WW in it for any alliance, the future of this ocean is unpredictable like are the players in it especially former Checkmate/Pittbuls players who change their alliance for so many times that they do not have real bonds to anyone and can act unpredictable also in future. We would like to keep our strong position to this ocean as a good strategic ocean in the middle of everything. depends pretty much how the diplomacy between the alliances will work out for them in the long run, but easiest and safest position on the map atm has Requiem, as they are not surrounded directly by any enemy alliance, good position on the map has also SPQR in oceans 56/57/half 66, but this can also change depending on their diplo relations to Grimm sleepers and also how ocean 55 will look like in few months

4.For me Lapithos world is an amazing world for playing this game,so far it has been so dynamic, challenging and changing each week, that none can say that this world is a boring one. You can find here everything :D friends, enemies, few weird or crazy people, good fight, intrigues, lies, apologies,action,fun,.... all together in one package called Lapithos :)

Interview with Kraken Jack (S.P.Q.R empire)​
1.From what I understand the war between BDL and WG has been ongoing for months. There appears to be some bad blood there. Being on the other side of the world doesn't really lead to much detail on this, however. I get the feeling that this one will be ongoing for some time. WG and their supporting cast will likely continue to focus on them, while BDL will have MANY other alliances to deal with all at once. Even though this is the case, Grepointel is showing a score of 18-4 conquers in favour of BDL over the last 30 days. These numbers do not include BDL II. It appears they are doing a good job here.

I can comment more on the LS and SPQR issue, but don't want to give away any plans. But first - a little history. LS and SPQR had a long term pact prior to the collapse of Check Mate. When SPQR took on a number of ex-CM heavy hitters we went into a lengthy negotiation with LS in order to keep the pact. Both sides agreed to a number of things, including an acknowledgement that Richard Thrust is the sexiest, most entertaining man in EN75. This wasn't a problem. Anyways, when some of the ex-CM members left to form Pit Bulls - LS dropped the pact with us. It was evident they just wanted to be on the side of the powerhouse players in O55 - like penethol and Frank1a. At that time a number of our members jumped ship in ocean 46 because there were worried about the safety of their cities. When this happened we ended up with an isolated ocean with a number of players - O36. Anyways, since then both sides have been picking off the others' outliers and inactives. Revert had an op run on him and lost a number of cities. Again, outliers from the LS core. Likewise, they ran a number of conquests on a few of our cities in O36 - a full ocean away from our core. There have been a few other little skirmishes along borders, but mostly just prep for a long term war from what it seems. Borders are tightening up and each side pokes around for easy revolts at this point. I foresee this battle going full scale within the coming months. I can't see there being any peace here now. The question is, who is LS going to turn on next? The answer is, whoever makes their job easier in EN75.

2.If one thing has been consistent in this world, it's that O55 is tumultuous. Looking at the stats it's a pretty even split between LS/LSII and DBL/DBLII in terms of city numbers. I'm aware that a number of LS members left them over their PB pact, and in turn went to BDL/BDL II when PB blew up. I've heard this left LS leadership a bit rattled. I've also heard that BDL taking on ex-PB caused a bit of a rift, however. Those last 2 points are both hearsay though. Getting back to the question.... I think BDL/BDLII will have superiority over O55 until the next massive curveball has been thrown in this world. It's still too early on for this ocean not to experience another massive shake-up in my opinion. I guess that's what keeps things interesting.... and confusing! We will be watching with great interest.

3.Other than our isolated pocket in O36 I am actually very happy about our position on the map. We're dominant in 3 oceans with enough real estate along O55 and O46 for future BP. Backs to the rim doesn't hurt either. Likewise, LS/LSII and GS have fair territory and separation from the core, however, if Requiem or Knights ever cut ties with LS they could see action on multiple fronts. BDL/BDL II will be in tough with WARGASM, Knights, Honour and LS attacking on all four sides. However, because of this they will get loads of BP and will have the most growth potential long term... so it's not such a bad thing. I don't know much about Honour but they look to be a bit surrounded too. I have no idea who they are friendly with though.

4.From what I've seen O55 will continue to be the best place for BP. I'm not sure I've seen a world with so much volatility in its core before. I think things will settle down a bit from now on, but I expect a few more massive turn of events before WW stage.

It's been a fun ride thus far, looking forward to more killing

Interview with beedamned (B.D. Legion)​
1.I can begin with my thoughts about the war between SPQR and the 2 LS alliances. If u count the number of cities take by each alliance lately its looks like LS have been most successful. I dont know the full story in that war though, and SPQR hasnt lost their growth at all.
LS is the backstabbers in this world though, with a number of broken deals but still loves to pact with all they can.
Its a wonder the world havent turned against them yet.

When it comes to B.D and our war with Wargasm i must say that its just one side of the coin. Wargasm are supported by Grim sleepers to, I guess they just send out def for them bcoz i cant remember any attacks from the GS on us.
On the other hand we also fight Knights, requiem and honor on the other front. also a group of alliances.. The last addition to our enemies were Lost Souls I&II. So u can see that we have targets enough for all our players.. ;-)
7 of the top 9 alliances are hostile towards us, where of most of them have been so for a while. The core of B.D are pretty tight though, so despite some recent internal mess we still stands strong and protect our ground pretty good.. Its a BP shower for us :)
Honour took a big chunk from one inactive players from us though,, credit to them but honestly they are more of a mosquito flying around elephants...

If we are successive or not I will leave to the stats to say.

2.055 will most likely be the next big thing. Lost souls and BD have similar amount of cities in that ocean but I do think that LS are a bit stronger there for time being.
Who wars who will most likely decide who can claim this ocean some weeks for now. Its an open book but i hope the final chapter can be written by us.
Until recent we didnt have any interest in 55 so i cant say my knowledge about it is 100%. It will be interesting to see what happens though..

3.This world had some turns thats for sure. The thing most people remember are most likely the fall if Check mate and also later the pit bulls..
Ive tried many times to tell the future of a grepo world but failed miserable most of the times. Just as with pit bulls,, the came, the played the disbanded.. All in a very short time range..
I thinjk SPQR empire are in a good location for the worlds wonder, the back towards the rim and it looks safe for now. Our location are currently worse in that matter, we will most likely fight harder wars though and when we pull that through we have most likely gained a lot of BP for us to grow.
We are pretty happy about our location though even it wasnt planned to be like this. We are here to fight and thats what we are doing. Other alliances might do it another way..

So to make it short,, the map looks awsome for us, maybe at least one safe front would be good but what the heck. Bring em on ;-)

4.The thing that i can see in this world is the lack of wars between even groups.. Its always a big team/group going together...
I could actually see that in the previous world i was in as well, Jalysos. I begun with a friend of mine into an alliance named Jaguar warriors but i soon realized that it was 4 premade alliance that were pacted.. and they were the top 4. That made me leave that world, it might have given us a crown but I dont see the fun in a situation like that.. Being the underdog is much more fun and all this pre-mades with hard, scared grepo veterans is a bit boring
BD aint a premade alliance (fyi), even though i joined in with 3 friends of mine..

What I do wish to see in this world are a new big alliance coming up from somewhere to stir things up a bit. Not like the pitbull did bcoz they stirred it up a bit to much but something that gives this world a new injection. Honestly i dont think this scenario with many alliance against one will keep the fun up, for obvious reasons... In the long run people want challenges.. (I think)

I also think the summer will be a challenge for many alliances/players, as i do think many players might leave... Hopefully this world got some more twists for us and some good battles for everyone.

Last of all i wish Lapithos a great weekend ;-)

Interview with Greco7 (WARGASM)​
1.I believe that there are plenty of battles ahead of these alliances
there is a lot depending on the activity and participation of players

Right now it seems as a balanced fight that takes lots of effort from all sides to win anything
but there will be a point that one alliance will show strength and get the momentum to win

2.O55 will be the nightmare of all alliances because everybody wants a piece of it
however i believe LS will eventually dominate this ocean

3.Well this depends on how you plan your future
right now i believe WGS has maybe teh best position
on the other hand BDL seems more vulnerable. but this could change next week depending on politics

4.just that this world is a lot "cleaner" the last 2 weeks and greetings from my wife and kids
happy hunting to all and may the best win

Those were this weeks topics​
Next week i will be closely analysing the wars between BDL and WARGASM and BDL vs Knights,Honour and Requiem coalition
Also i will be dedicating my time to some smaller but yet strong alliances​
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Many thanks for this, civecnavi. The forums are better for it! It was a fun experience for me; harder than I thought though. You want to be honest, yet not reveal too much. Nice job by all those interviewed.


Very nice, keep up.
Can wargasm attack me more? I dont even ask for help but still get no BP when u attack me :( I'm vulnerable this tuesday ;)


Good idea,i only putted the interviews as spoilers ill keep the rest in the old format


I think we have just witnessed the next curveball.


Thanks v much for taking the time and effort to write this. I am sure there are many players, most who won't post, who are grateful for all the information provided here, I certainly enjoyed reading it!

Arowyn (SPQR)
Ps. Am still keeping tabs on u all KJ while in VM!!! :p
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The big story for the next issue looks like being the total collapse of B.D. Legion; the often-denied severe internal differences have already started tearing the alliance apart, with several of the better players leaving for a bit of Freedom and the chance of actually getting some support from their alliance for a change; cities are falling all around, and several key players have hit VM. Meanwhile, the academy is desperately(and rather laughably) trying to make peace with long-standing enemies, and even Lost Souls II's Independence is no cause for joy, as it appears to be more a strengthening of opposition under better organisation. Looks like a key few days in the death of an alliance.


The big story for the next issue looks like being the total collapse of B.D. Legion; the often-denied severe internal differences have already started tearing the alliance apart, with several of the better players leaving for a bit of Freedom and the chance of actually getting some support from their alliance for a change; cities are falling all around, and several key players have hit VM. Meanwhile, the academy is desperately(and rather laughably) trying to make peace with long-standing enemies, and even Lost Souls II's Independence is no cause for joy, as it appears to be more a strengthening of opposition under better organisation. Looks like a key few days in the death of an alliance.

still shooting your propaganda i see ;-)

But we had a rough weekend for sure,, and as u say. A lot of our bigger players are in VM and we can feel some pressure with 7 brave alliances attacking us.., thats for sure and i wont deny that...
It will separate the men from the mice though...
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It's not propaganda bee, it's the truth. ;)

Certainly looks like it from here, yes - glad you agree. There's certainly nothing untrue in it, it's a matter of interpretation as to what will happen. I'm fairly confident my interpretation is accurate, it normally is. I think my track record on this is a lot better than yours - I said there were severe internal problems, you denied it, but looks like I was right, and you were the ones spreading false propaganda - I suppose you couldn't have done much else, but it must damage your chances of repeating the exercise - nobody in their right mind would believe you after you've been caught out telling untruths.


The DBP is good tough, got more than 1 slot just this weekend not losing half my birs...


Next edition will be coming out in the next few days so stay tuned.