Last Marathon Post


I entered a poem in the Grepolis contest. I dedicate this to the three final rim teams that defeated the core of Marathon.

Title: Smilie with Sign "that's Grepolis! time!"

PizzaioloSteve said:
How appropriate that time, that currency of Grepolis is the theme, for musing, for the Muse.
Do players see the clockwork gears ticking, their cities beating, a pulse, warrior cells circulating from a server heart?
Do they see that the math, the foundation of this war, the source of Boolean time is their ally, the foundation of their guides, the source of all?
Walls warp time, numbers warp time, the favor of the gods, wisely managed, can expand time as well? Time expands, time contract, victory, advantage, defeat. Always consumption for a single purpose. Life.

Life craves growth, growth craves time, time itself flows toward a final build.
Is what we build from time perhaps a monument to our own need for identity?
Did Einstein enlightened us to the idea of Grepolis, that a warp of time can be physical, and a foundation for a game?
Does the mightily Heisenberg, drug lord and scientist in popular culture teach us about the end.

My experience suggests no. Children fight without seeing in their battles mortality. We all face death, no more time, no less time, but it is subtle in this world.
Those who seek a wonder of purpose perhaps build from time a monument to time, built on silicone servers, built on a global network fresh in its true potential. A source of wealth on time, consuming time and perhaps a bit of life itself.
Be well