Legacy abomiNATION

SGT Slaughter

Belle has had her share of twists, exits, and so forth. Who would ever believe BangBros would be in Styx, while Im in the remainder of EN (-Misfits-). Single players moving here and there, keeping a server fresh is a welcomed part of the game. Alliances trying to absorb and pact into One World Order, now thats just disgusting in a war game.

The defection of 1/2 of EN giving up on the most storied alliance to become a Part III of Legacy can be somewhat explained. Most werent truly EN, just the gypsies from Girls of the Arena also known under various other names. Anyone who follows nmapletoft doesnt possess much dignity, so a part III wouldnt faze them. Others in Part III must be so depressed, a simple invite seemed like a beacon of light.

Today Legacy unveils Legacy IV LMAO! 3 is an MRA on any server especially this small server. What would 4 be?

Answer: an abomination

1. a person or thing that is disgusting
2. an action that is vicious, vile, etc.
3. intense loathing

Belle welcome Legacy abomiNATION
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Deadly Truth

SGT follow me, join me, help me form Legacy IV. You will need to shower me in resources, buy me gold and also get that beard of yours trimmed it makes me feel uncomfortable. But together we can do this.

SGT Slaughter

Sorry DT Legacy IV was unveiled yesterday. Maybe Legacy V but we would have to act fast. They are multiplying like rats! If we do this, Im keeping sideburns. I know you think only Elvis can pull them off, but its a challenge I must face (pun intended) lol
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Had to be done! :D
Notice I made mine all in CAPS just to stand out from the crowd ;)

Seems I may not be good at Diplomacy like the other Legacys tho, as Im struggling to get PACTS.
Suspect I may need to get some more people involved....
Think Ill start looking for a good Diplomat and Recruiter, I here maxing memberships helps encourage others to side with you.

Please apply in game via PM to myself, with a cover letter explaining why you would like the position and your previous experiences with diplomatic relations and/or as a recruiter how you like to persuade members to join alliances...
Any additional material you may supply or offer, may sway my decision...