Legion Of Doom Agressors


Okay GUys Just a Heads Up, Legion of Doom are Bullying People into Joining their Alliance. They will attack a person and then invite them to Join their Alliance.

And I was attacked by one of their Guys and I Mailed one of their leaders and this is exactly what I wrote to him. So Please people lets ALL attack these Bullies and get them OFF our Ocean

Letter to Legion Of Dooms Diplomacy Bloke

Seems like You have nothing but a Bunch of Children in your alliance that get bullied at school so they Use their days to try and Bully all other people around on this game. I think I am going to Make sure that EVERY single Alliance KNows about this and Takes them right off the face of the Game unless you guys reign in your Attacks, and I do NOT appreciate You claiming that Krytoh's City was Something you Had a RIGHT to cos he Joined Our Alliance

Have a Nice day and expect Payback to be on a level that will Tale L.O.D out of the equation for good. And as for xspires claiming to be the BIG dog on the ocean Does not bother us onexspires1
xspires1 on 2012-12-17 at 22:20
Then I really do hope you enjoy passing the time in a restart. Good day.
evilmutt on 2012-12-17 at 22:18
4 cities. Means nothing to me I Play because it gives me something to pass away a Little time, Unlike others I do not spend All day Online.
xspires1 on 2012-12-17 at 22:16
Again, enjoy the restart. If you did not notice, I am the biggest fish in this sea, son.
evilmutt on 2012-12-17 at 22:14
you have a funny way of trying to Invite people Then, by spying on them and attacking them unprovoked. thinking you can Bully people into Joining your alliance. Does not wash with me Son
xspires1 on 2012-12-17 at 22:12
I have plenty of silver and troops. I was considering inviting you into the alliance before we crush yours prior to your lightning. Enjoy the restart in a 175 point city.
evilmutt on 2012-12-17 at 22:10
You seem to keep on trying to Spy ON My City.

I will Happily defend my city. The Lightning was Just as a response to Your unprovoked attack little bit, because it seems to me you Attack people to Force them to join Legion of Doom.


Well, to be fair, this is a war game, and he was only toying with you verbally.

Edit: and I have a couple of cities in 72, so does this mean you intend to remove me, now that wouldn't be very nice of you :p


Let that alliance attack whom they choose. Although if they're looking to recruit someone by attacking them first, that could be the worst means of recruitment I've seen in a while. It won't make members loyal and will promote abandonment. I don't see that lasting long.


Okay GUys Just a Heads Up, Legion of Doom are Bullying People into Joining their Alliance. They will attack a person and then invite them to Join their Alliance.
Even in the conversation posted above "as proof" I don't see an actual invite or you being bullied to join.
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They a Bunch of Arrogant little Kids That seem to think they can Bully others and Make our Lives Miserable cos they do not get enough attention at home. All I wanted to do in this was not fight But just get on with people. is that Too Bloody much to ask?


this is war game. here is no such thing like "unprovoked attack". if you don't want to fight- there's lots of games where you can just build cities.
Well actually, these people can also play grepolis; They are the so called "simmers". But you are right however; This is a war game, simmers don't belong here (but they are there...)