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Here ye here ye, I come forth from a land far away, some of you may know me, some of you may not, the ones that do, will know that I am nothing but a team player....

As we all know premades run the roost of Grepolis, there's certain alliances out there who have multiple sibling alliances.. who feel its important to message other alliances not even a quarter of there size.. with messages of threats, acting like a big bad wolf... which is all good, its a war game... S happens..

Normally the alliance that's receiving the threats would laugh them off.. and get on with the game.

If I could paint you a we picture...

Lets say I was in a Alliance of 20-30 players and I am currently speaking for the leadership, of whom the majority came out of BP 2 days ago... we are NOT a premade, we've grown a pair and tried to go old school, one of our players as you can imagine was hungry.. he attacked a player twice his size who was in an alliance 3 times our size, and cleared him out.. awesome.. obviously we expect the bigger player to hit back, great there's the Demeter event, so he hit back.. cleared two players on his island...

we tat back.. put him in revolt... he messages us asking for an invite, hes active, knows how to attack.. so why not..

Whilst he joins us, he carries on attacking players in our/his new alliance, we kick him... obviously a mistake..

He joins a sister alliance of a brother alliance of a uncle alliance.. OK great.

one of our players messages the big alliance leadership, to inform them that we have him in revolt and the reasons why we have him in revolt... OK another mistake,

We get a not so nice reply, basically he's a friend who was planning to join them anyway, and if we attack, we'll all get personally revolted by 1 player... lots of lolz

Now our player who originally attacked him, ended up getting wiped out and conquered without even a peep on the forums... by the player in question, whilst he was in his new, new, (new) alliance.. city lost.. move on... next day, he revolts another player

We obviously hit him back, put him in revolt again... received more threats...

But this time we sent the player in question a message as well.

And did what we know best.

Not so big and tough are you now... Never imagined that Grepolis would be a place for people to run their mouth without being able to "walk the walk".

Moral of the story? The big bad wolf died because he underestimated the 3 little piggies... Don't be that big bad wolf like our friend -jack sparrow- (may his soul rest in peace).

You only grepo once, You only conquer once

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Hagop abroumian

Edited the PnP since Jono wanted it to look like the other issues of lessons from the rim :p
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Really enjoyed this! I also enjoyed what was at the end of the link you provided. When that blanket sprang on that guy, I was LOL!

From what I've seen thus far, this is not an isolated type of incident.

As a "noob" what I also wished I knew (in addition to just simply the ins & outs of gameplay) was all the nuances and undercurrents going on. There's a lot of history & ploys I don't have previous experience with (until they happen). This post nicely put this issue and made it's point.