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You know,i dont think we have ever talked about real life in this game,even though we all have one im sure that if we just talked we would learn a lot from eachother on how to be better people.

I know a lot of people troll here and im sure they will now but woupd love to make this a free space where we can all talk and exchange thoughts about anything we want :)

I was walking outside today (with a mask of course) and i was looking at all the houses people lived in and i thought,is that all ? Is that all life is working,getting a home a family and i guess what my purpose here in this life is what it all means....

Feel free to write anything here my friends
Well... there are drugs, have you heard of DMT?


Honestly this game is so much more pay to win than when it was when I used to play (around 2009 to 2011) it's kind of crazy, I miss the tribalwars model of just having a premium that you could pay for to get utility advantages.
goldlocking exists tho so thats one thing to do against it


when you have an attack incoming you cant goldout troops when the attack is within 5 minutes of your city, so you can send attacks at someone in a 5 minute interval to stop them from golding.
It really works, you have no idea how angry Golders are who are wasting a ton of resources)))