Lightning Giants Alliance (Recruitment for members and Council Positions)


Hello, we are the Lightning Giants, we mainly operate in Ocean 58 as well as 68 & 62 (in all three we are within the top 10 alliances)

For the coming week, Council Nominations and Elections are occurring, the positions up for election are:

Activity Moderator
Diplomatic Officer
Disciplinary Officer
Military Advisor
New Member Advisor
Recruitment Officer

If you wish to run for a position, please message myself (Hulb) and I will invite you to our alliance and you can post your nomination statement ready for the voting period (statement submissions close at 23:00 Tuesday, London Time zone)

don't worry if you don't contact me in time because positions may become open again if people resign later etc

if you just want to be a general member, that's fine too, you can still contact me :)

however, if you want to be a general member or a council member, and you are not from Oceans 58, 62, 68, please find FIVE other people who want to join too or recruit five people whilst in the alliance

thanks for reading,