List of Failed Ideas


Below is a list of every idea that has failed (for your convenience). They are are listed in groups of 30.

Ideas 1-30
1. Create a Stop Attack Feature in Battle Resolution
2. Battle Points for Militia
3. Cancelling Trades
4. Colony Ships
5. Flash Back
6. Compile Same Reports
7. Mightiest Spell in the World
8. End Game Idea
9. Protection
10. God Ideas
11. Premium Admin Option- Farming Panel
12. Usage of Captain
13. NPC Comp Players like Humans
14. Culture Points
15. Idea for a New World
16. About Morale
17. In notification about attack write target of attack (my city)
18. What if one may destroy unwanted support in his/her city?
19. Posting Attachments in Alliance Forums
20. Sending Back Support
21. Troops Dismissal Option
22. Administrator for Wonders
23. Mercenaries for Hire
24. Wall BP
25. Gold Mine
26. Another Idea for Free Gold
27. Gold for High Ranks
28. World at War
29. Farm Mood Increase
30. Fix Fireships

Ideas 31-50
31. Instant Activity Check
32. Moderator Titles
33. More Versatile Cave
34. Supporting Villages
35. Stop Shared BP for Sieges
36. Winners World
37. Anarchy Worlds
38. Remove God Supporting
39. God Emotions
40. Jumbo Zoomed Out
41. Allowing (or not) newly invited players to play outside of the game rim
42. Ideas Comp~ Farm Village Demanding/Looting Support Bonus (Shelby Bryce)
43. Apostrophes for City Names
44. Workers (Improve Building Speeds)
45. Plunder
46. Include World Settings Ingame
47. Non-purifiable attack
48. Phoenician Merchant Redirects to Relevant City
49. Remove Attack Alarm
50. Rework seastorm
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