Long Live WoE


SeS proved to be the stronger alliance as it could be seen that they forced WoE into a position where merging was the only option.
- I could argue this point on and on but I wont. I've stated from my point of view what happened.

Here is the special secret sauce about WoE - WoE's demise didn't come from inactives nor did it come from SeS and here is why ----> WoE when it started out looked like a great alliance because of the Epsilon originals - They were a close knit team of players that trusted each other and enjoyed playing with each other as they had been dominating Epsilon for a long time but many of them left fairly early and after they left it seemed more like Derek was more burdened with running WoE - WoE's original core of player basically killed themselves ironically because they are doing so well in Epsilon and thus didn't have the time to play both worlds effectively and still actually have a life. This basically meant that all the alliances that were fighting WoE - weren't really fighting WoE in it's prime but were instead fighting a faded, tired and world weary version.
After a few players left from the original group I admit it did kill us but things are getting interesting in Epsilon with anarchy and so forth so I cant blame them for leaving. Others had a few RL issues come up and actually quit the game completely (As its becoming more and more common over in epsilon).
That COMING SOON crew did pretty much suck. Once they joined they slowly just died and left and then we were set back and trying to conquer those cities when we eventually just kicked them.

Also, if an alliance is fighting more enemies than it can handle or can be considered fair - is that not down to poor alliance diplomacy and therefore can it not be said that it is their own fault and in the end due to their own weakness or naivety that took them down that path. Can an alliance that places themselves in a position like this be considered good? Surely it takes more skill to find and maintain a level of gaming equilibrium?
Our diplomacy was always tight and never wanting to have more then two - DN and MTP/TE - But then after recruiting a few players in 54 things got heated. Diplomacy was tried but failed and then a few of those recent recruited players quit and left us with a mess to figure out. If they would have stayed maybe things would have been different but who knows. Then during that mess a few others jumped into the mosh pit and wanted a little piece of WoE for themselves. Diplomacy never really had a place once things heated up in the north since they all banded together against us and kept it that way. I wont deny we tried to work things out with WM but it was a lengthy "Let us get back to you" response with a negative one whenever it came even though we were told that many did want to end it or at least I believe thats what was being said.

Anyways, I figured a little laugh could be brought to this place of talk and live a little with WoE still....

The Fear of WoE Lives On -

Willowtop MightyBrutalWarSmashers 16.09.2011 07:21

At this time of day/night is when ex woe members launch their attacks. Might as well keep this thread up so we all can see who is being attacked and MAYBE can help.

Tonight so far it is Gods of War05

Sad that a handful of 10 players can do this much damage, those 10 players are like almost the ONLY enemy and we cannot do anything to stop them???
We could stop them if we could get enough people to help fight back!

S0 to help if u want send support units to front line cities. Stack them full and ex woe will be STOPPED!
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Willowtop MightyBrutalWarSmashers 16.09.2011 09:16

Oops wrong city , the enemy is attacking 037 Grrrrrr is right player is yogamus. They took a city from him yesterday! And they do this every night?
Are we going to allow 10 players to beat all the rest of us?

update.. this city was also lost. : (
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platinum p Braveheart II 16.09.2011 09:21

i have sent 200 troops to defend today at 10:16:03 PM hope it helps cant send more because need the support my self sorry
Willowtop MightyBrutalWarSmashers 16.09.2011 13:37

So I just learned there is a CS seige going on in 037 Grrrrrr is right now, from ex woe, mellowmalt.

I apprieciate your troops platinum, but you may recall now.
Willowtop MightyBrutalWarSmashers 16.09.2011 15:29

Hi I call then ex woe, now D.N. because we are not being attacked by any D.N. player. I DO suspect tho, that DN members are cooking up units and sending it to those 10 attackers.

How else does the 10 players, stack a city during a seige with 5000 biremes! and almost as many swords, archers, horse and chariots EACH! I have seen 6000 archers and etc for the other troops.

With NO support?? We lose the city! Yog used to have 4 cities on front lines, he is down to 2.
I used to have 6 on front lines, I am down to 2.

It is every night, enemy targets... someone! <
At the hour not many people are on line to help. That is why stacking cities is so important.

We also have tried to conquer the woe cities in our ocean, and learn that woe has them so stacked! They can just sit there and gain more battle points, not worry about running over to defend that city!

We really need to turn this around! We are so many more people than 10!
Willowtop MightyBrutalWarSmashers 16.09.2011 16:05

Ok I can tell you all this, the other cities on same island of 037 Grrrrrr is right WILL BE their next target!
Lorax and sgu04mu is on VM, so that leaves Jryan's Gods of War06
Nacho Grade ll
Mine 24 Dream Police w
25 Insaneable w
smrdo2'sPHAROS ON
cysgodol's Manetheren 34
warishere is on VM too.

a month ago, mellow had only 2 cities on this island.... now? he has 6 !

Calm down willow...things will get better...Lol, For us at least. :)


Yeah, that is indeed a good laugh Derek...lol.

Confusion seems to be getting the better of 'em poor lads trying to figure out what to do to get through to those cities :D

But I dare say.. this thread doesn't seem to die, which is epic! :pro: