Advanced Looking for a new Sig


Hey guys.

I am looking for a new sig. I will give rep to the artists whos sig i use. Mind you i am looking for some one who is willing to consider them selves to be advanced in GFX to make it.

Now details.

Size: Any, i dont mind putting it in a spoiler, just make it epicly awesome
Theme: Artist interpretation. I want it to be based on Either my name or my alliance on calydon "Team Good Friends"
Primary Text" MetalCore
Secondary Text: Founder of Team Good Friends.

to help here is our alliance COA so feel free to use it to base your ideas of
Alliance COA


yea, Ill give some more dets as it is slightly to vauge i guess.

I like heavy metal so something dark and grungy is my style. Desolate metal playground wastelands are my my style backgrounds.


Not advanced, but I'll give it a shot.

My effort:

Linky: [noparse]
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He said he'll spoiler it! D:

Metalbro, do you want it small enough for no spoiler?