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Looking for new - mid level players who want to learn how to play at a high level in this game.

I take my time whenever I can to write guides in my alliance's forums and give advice on the tricks and techniques I've learnt over the years.

I value willingness to learn over activity - I've known players who know all the ins and outs of this game who outplay most others but can't login more than twice a day and players who are on almost 24/7 that refuse to listen to advice on ways to improve their play.

I first started playing Grepo on en18 and quit after a few worlds until I picked it back up 3 yrs ago or so in en95. Since then, I've also played in en102 and en113. I ended up on leadership in all 3 of these worlds probably because I'm more active than average and am always looking to contribute to the alliance. I've found I prefer a strategic play style compared to being overly active/aggressive (although in the end, the latter tends to win out).

I'd say I'm experienced when it comes to the game's technicalities, but still have a ways to go when it comes to leading - I find it hard to keep up with both micro and macro management of the alliance over several months.


Personally, I feel the quality of players have declined over the years - the best players nowadays are at the same level or slightly better than those back then, but there seem to be so few of them that they usually are clustered in the top 2/3 teams now.

The average player now seems less active than those back then - I see a lot of people being disinterested, etc, after a while, and a lot ghost before the endgame of a world starts. Winning a world seems more of a question of joining the team which has the least quitters which of course points towards pre-mades, etc.

Nowadays, once you start losing, the top players start jumping ship rather than fighting it out to the end... that and the constant fear of spies being present has taken the fun out of this game quite a bit for me.

I remember alliances being more tightly knit and noob friendly before - there was more forum participation, guides for beginners, Q&A, etc, and I wasn't just playing with beginners back then - I joined a top 5 alliance in en18 and I'd say I learnt most of the basics from the experienced players there. New players were welcome as long as they were active (1+ logins/day) and willing to participate.


This is probably why I want to continue trying to lead a group of mostly new faces rather than join a pre-made. I feel there's more to learn by spreading the game to others and fighting your way from the bottom than starting and staying at the top from the very beginning.
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Im from Czech server Grepolis and I heard, guys from en server have other tactics that us.
I want be better in this game and I would like learn other game style :)

And second point, more communication in english :)