Looking for Alliance for world 100!


title pretty much says it all, im an active player that played world one and recently returned, played w99 for a little to get my bearings but im looking at joining an alliance for a fight in the core :)


What kind of alliance are you looking for?
I like to be in an alliance with high average score (=active members) and where they use the in-game forum for game related discussions. Maybe use discord just for off-topic chat and add a few rooms for game chat like ops/support.
Usually i join the alliance with the most members closest to my town (http://grepointel.com/map.php) for easy support and help in city conquests and most important to join before your beginners protection runs out. It's always awkward to join an alliance with players you recently cleared.

Going to play active on 100 and use other morale servers to play turtle and earn some gold.


@frusty you sound like a nag,

at guy man person with the problem, dont listen to that advice from the talking bear. wait a day before joining, no need to join a alliance right away, you can chill and check the rankings. apply to the noobs not dropping citties like flies. aslso you should drink more milk, its good for the soul.