Looking for an active alliance to join


Hi! I'm Kathy and I'm looking to join a strong alliance in the world Naucratis right now. NO MRAs PLEASE. I want an alliance where EVERYONE IS ACTIVE.

About myself: spent a month playing in Methone (en111) and was in a top 10 alliance, and my highest rank as a player was about 230. I got kicked because my alliance was merging and there was not enough space for me in the new alliance (cap was at 35).

I look forward to hearing from anyone, if anyone even checks these forums at all.


Unfortunately, this is a world where not much happens, but you will be welcome in our alliance.


Hi everyone I'm Riyo I am new to grepolis and currently looking for a solid alliance in this world.

Bit bout me : This is my first time playing grepolis. As of today i have been reading grepolis guides from the wiki as well as some reknown grepolis blogger (G.R.O.M) . Still pretty new tho. To facilitate in game communication i also use discord if alliance in this world makes use of it or deemed it as a standard requirement