Looking for an alliance - Ocean 35


It is time to join an alliance. I am a newbie, and I am still trying to understand all the complex (but wonderful) things about this Grepolis. I need to join an alliance with some experienced players that don't mind being mentors to newbies. My stats:

Ocean 35
Island 187944
888 points and rising
City: Xenopolia

I have looked at several of the alliances listed on the surrounding cities, but I am not sure what really makes a good alliance.

In another world, I joined an alliance that is basically in active. No communication, no growth. I know enough to know that is bad!

Any ideas, thoughts or advice would be appreciated.


First of all you've started very positively from what it sounds likes, keep inquiring - stay on the forums. What I would do is go to the rankings and click on ocean leaderboards. Find the alliance with the highest average points which is Dark of Day, they are a really elite alliance and so it is unlikely you will get an invite at your size but you may as well inquire and if you keep good grammar and a positive attitude they may let you come along or guide you and help you until you are at a point when they'd welcome you to join. It the likely case they say no I would then advice asking for an invite to Alliance of the Gods, they have a strong points total in ocean 35 and would be more likely to accept you. The problem you have currently got is that your points are quite low and my main advice is to keep really active and build them up, eventually you'll get an interested party.


Welcome to the Forum :)

Can't believe I'm saying this, but listen to Achilles :p

Good luck finding an Alliance, I moved this to the Alliance section.


Achilles - Thank you for the advice. I see what you mean about my points being low (I noticed this while looking at the rankings...just so Iceddragon know I listened. LOL). I probably have plenty of time to do some research, now that I know how to look for the alliances. Thanks again.

Iceddragon - thanks for moving this to where is belongs. Sorry for the newbie mistake. :)


Everyone makes mistakes my friend ;)

Just don't become a simmer like what I was in my first world. It sticks on you for years, even when you don't become one anymore. Thats my tip for you.


Get your points up to 3k and Alliance of the Gods may accept you, seeing as you're in their ocean.