looking for an alliance ocean 65

Mr. Simple

hey guys been a lurker for a while but first time poster i am new to greopolis playing tau and starting off in chi for a newbie i think i have done alright this is a link to my stats http://www.grepostats.com/world/en19/player/1870418
but i want to go that extra mile i havnt been in an alliance where there has been an oppourtunity to develop my skills as part of a team since i have been for a while the strongest member at least locally of the alliance i am in or have been invited into a MRA or accidentally invited into an alliance that is based in a different ocean i.e engima and i want to learn how an experienced well led time functions if you are that and wonder why the hell you should take on a newbie i am active willing no eager to be a team player and make a contribution in defense offence or resources

just please no mras, have at least some members in 65. , and understand i wont be leaving the alliance i am with for two days i am promised to offer my leader for support for reforms he is pushing through so if you send me an invite i am not ignoring just waiting for saturday also message would be appricated , also please understand that while i am still new and while i am developing my style of game play and i do appricate the art of diplomacy i am a expaniest player i plan to conquer more and often so an alliance that is at least moderately aggressive may be best

i realise this may come off as demanding or arrogant but i have wasted myself and more importantly others time before by not knowing what i wanted out of an alliance and i dont wish to do that again
look whatever the result guys i appricate your time and ps HI!


Hi, welcome to the forum and to Grepolis :)

One of the best things you can probably do is go onto the ocean rankings. I think i am correct in saying that you are in 065, look at the alliances that are currently in that ocean. Check on Grepostats how their bp looks. Do they have high OBP?

Write a message to their recruiter. Most recruiters do not really like "Gimme an invite, i wanna join", they prefer to recieve messages which state your intentions. Provode a link to your Grepostats so they can see that you really are interested in joining. State what you can give to the alliance. Are you a team player? Willing to help out? ect.

If you want to develop your skills then state that as well. If you are willing to learn then most are willing to teach, you just have to put the time an effort into understanding the strategies of the game. If you get into the alliance, try and find a player close by who is willing to go that extra mile to help you learn, it will pay off.

Good luck and most of all have fun, it is what makes the game more exciting ;)