Looking For An Alliance Ocean 85 EN50


Looking For An Alliance Ocean 85 EN50​

Good evening all,
I am an old player who has played since beta, and was also one of the first into hero worlds back when the worlds were young........
I have just returned to the game after a long break and have decided its worth looking for an alliance, yes i might be small at the moment but guaranteed within a few weeks will be up to 4-6 possibly more cities. As my play style goes I am quite happy to live in peace but am also quite content to fight for my islands and cities. I have always been a team player as most of the alliances i was with, were in the middle of wars for world control. I was also the director of one of our war theaters, after which we took total world control and opened up the then new world quests.

As I have just returned I am not up on which alliances are good team alliances or which alliances are stagnant with little co-ordinated war play or defense, I am looking for an alliance that's active and has some good strategies

Please post below with your thoughts on which alliances are good and which not so......Many thanks for the input to come



Thanks Hassan I will get back to you within the next 24 hours