Looking to Join a Decent Tribe for guidance


Hey lads, I made my account on here years ago and I played on and off, nothing serious. I really can't wrap my head around this game. I have also played Tribal Wars for many years and was mighty successful, dominating continents to myself and winning worlds with my tribe.
I am willing to learn, have skype, discord.
I never had a second village on Grepolis, lol.
I know the most important thing is activity, and I will am able to be extremely active, I just need the guidance.
One thing I struggle with in this game is resource management. Out of nowhere warehouse and farm take 5 hours and my warehouse is overflowing constantly even though I have it very high and there's nothing I can do about it unless I spend RL money to insta build stuff. (That's probably done on purpose)
I can build troops 24/7alongside building. I farm the barbarian villages every 5 minutes, very proficiently. Maybe too proficiently, and that's why it happens.
I am never idle, but the resource management is just insane. If I have too much resources I would build the temple 5 levels higher than the tutorial quests ask me too, but it still ends up with resources going overflowed.
Then I wake up one day and someone on my island who I am sure I was doing better than, has 4 villages around me. I really don't get it.
I am willing to put the time and effort if someone can guide me.
I am guessing people are going to be spawning instantly upon the world's opening. Ideally I would like to wait 12-24 hours so I am not going to get ripped apart in the core instantly.
BTW on some guides it told me to get 150 slinger to take a village. That seems ridiculous, in TW I would have 5k axemen


hello I am Athena, ive played since 2014 on and off I have played under a few of gepos best players! including dimitra1 and Iconic the 2 Italian sisters who have won the the worlds they have played numerous times, they expertise in multi worlds farming gold and also buying good to progress in there main project. I started as a regular player but learning the game developed me into a much better player then moving on to be working under the sisters as diplomat.

I have the experience to help you... I'm now looking for a world again after a 3 month break, I've decided to go again and launch my own project for once :) I am happy to guide you :)


also about your resource issue have you researched Ceramics in the academy?


BTW on some guides it told me to get 150 slinger to take a village. That seems ridiculous, in TW I would have 5k axemen

That guide would have been referring to the old farming system where you had to defeat troops to take farming villages rather than spend battle points; it doesn't refer to taking other player's cities.


Contact me ingame if you are still looking for help