Pnp Lords of the Rim: The Irrelevant Elephant

Once in the lands of Onches...Onchest...screw it En113. Jesus Christ, Baudin why couldn't you give us an easy name like 'Side'? Anyways once in the lands of En113 many great alliances assembled. The Pandas and their might hordes of meat sheilds. Cry Havoc and their solid core. House of Pain and their @H1GH. The Booty Warrior Cult and their weird obsession with Fleece Johnson. Destructive Influence and...oh nope never mind.

But one alliance and their branches stood several cuts above the rest.

The Lords of the Rim

The world trembled at this mighty alliance and its great leader


Through his many mass messages, private messages to other leaders, and mass recruiting, Witchhuntergeneral managed to build the powerhouse alliance of En113. An alliance filled with golders, warriors, and forum goers. LOTR quickly took an early lead on House of Pain and Destructive Influence and had plenty of room to grow in the rim as well. This surely wouldn't end up like one of their many..many...MANY past failures.

To name a few
These guys were the best and there was no stopping them at all. Sure they had begun losing to House of Pain and sure they tried to move into O55 and couldn't make progress on Cry Havoc. But I mean come on, LOTR is totally legit! After all they were beating FIENNIX. But confident of their victory, they began to get cocky. Making more branches, they eventually they found their way onto the front lawn of a handsome Kitten.

He and his gang of degenerates lived in a trap house in the ghettos of ocean 65 and they didn't like seeing this eye sore on their property. So they prepared to throw hands. Despite repeatedly punching these guys in the face, LOTR leaders rambled on about how irrelevant the kitten's gang was or this gem.

This was seen as a challenge and more productive than our previous goal. So the Kitten decided he and his gang of booty enthusiasts would go north to LOTR thinking it would be more fun than beating up Phoenix again. Now. It was in this moment that both Witchuntergeneral and the Kitten done messed up. Witchuntergeneral's problem was he just repeated his mistake on Byblos and went to war with another alliance better than his and was now boxed in by three better alliances with no where to run.

The Kitten's Problem

This was the saddest, most pathetic, most boring fight he had ever encountered. Seriously, I took the Phoenix front last world and at least they could siege us occasionally and fought back.

And thus history had repeated itself. At now 48-246 vs Cry Havoc, The Booty Warrior Cult, and House of Pain Witchuntergeneral had made his alliance, the irrelevant elephant of EN113. Down numerous cities to HOP and after one failed bireme escorted CS attempt to TBWC, the famous witchhunter pounded VM to get away from En113 for awhile...or forever.

The moral to the story is to always watch who you're talking too and to never talk more than you can back up. You might go from winning the world to crashing and burning. I guess I'll end by saying this.

To Witch, Pawcio, and Djr: You guys are truly the worst alliance I've fought in my nine years of playing Grepolis. None of you are a threat and never have been. You guys just take advantage of newer players and hide behind meat shields to prop up your main branch that also is trash in order to pretend that any of you are good for a few months. Do the decent thing for the rest of 113. Disband LOTR so TBWC and HOP can fight. I promise that everyone will be happier for it and that you guys seriously won't be missed.


You guys have literally lost 102 cities to us while putting us in siege for a total of 20 minutes, you're completely right this is hilarious.


Tell Me . What is the noble "non running away as fast as his little tootsies can carry him "explanation for Lord M1zra's flight to VM ? .


Tell Me . What is the noble "non running away as fast as his little tootsies can carry him "explanation for Lord M1zra's flight to VM ? .
vm is for the celebration of the international worker's day. he wont bother sniping your cs attempts while out.