lota getting boring ???

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  1. cabz bii

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    so what you think guys and girls is lota getting boring ?
    is the world coming to an end due to the same old wars with nothing really happening any more .

    what you think could spice lota up a bit more and make it more fun.

    as we are all getting bigger and better the game is getting less and less thrilling
    ideas and sugestions people
  2. crusnicXIII

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    UNT fights D12
  3. I read that to say: Oh darn, everybody else just sucks so bad we need to keep d12 and unt busy so we can grow!

    Honestly if we did that then all that would happen is other alliances would take cheap shots at UNT/D12 while we warred so it would not be far, nor do either of us have the desire to attack friends with so many noobs colonizing and filling the oceans with red. Once the reds are gone we'll see about D12/UNT.. until then damnit people stop colonizing. Its and yes it works 100 years later but what a pansy way to fight.

    At least the last few days we've got a few real attacks, may have to wake up for a second and smackabitch :)
  4. BBCue

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    Why does everyone think their stimulation is going to come from watching D12 take on UNT? I think I've been asked that about 20+ times in-game since I've been back and I've told them, its not gonna happen and even if it did, it will not automatically make everything more exciting for you. Actually, I think the great majority of players still won't be able to take cities from either UNT or D12 despite being at war with each other. Despite popular opinion, UNT vs D12 will not make Iota seem like an acid trip.

    Iota is boring because there is no end-game in sight. Dozens of players have left already for 2.0 worlds because of that.

    1. Innogames stopped fixing the glitches to 1.26 worlds in April.
    2. Innogames promotes holidays such as Halloween on other 2.0 worlds, but will not in the 1.26 worlds. Miss the pumpkin hunt? Yeah, it was fun and you missed it.
    3. On 9/19, Innogames is beta-testing and developing a 3.0 world, which anyone remembers about the beta testing for the 2.0 worlds, it will take a while. Like 6 mo to a year.
    4. This summer, a lot of us gave our opinions on which of the 4 main upgrades from 1.0 to 2.0 worlds should be used. Since, I haven't heard if any of them have been taken into consideration.

    There is no public timeline or plan to upgrade to 2.0, leading me to believe that there won't be one. If there isn't an upgrade, this world will languish on, losing a lot more of the interesting, active players. There are less than 2,332 players left (don't count those with 0 & 175 pts), down from 3,000 in September.

    I'd rather just catch a ball in a cup til Innogames figures it out. And play 2.0. Because really who needs constant electronic video stimulation when there's ball in a cup? LOL
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  5. najimur

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    UNT would lose! lol

    D12 have the academy alliance aswell and even if they didn't have the academy they would outnumber UNT :p
  6. BBCue

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    UNT wouldn't lose and D12 wouldn't lose. it would have to be a stalemate.

    D12 averages conquering 6 cities a day. UNT has 2,000 cities. Attrition is assumed equal across both sides.
    1. so if UNT all just simmed, it would take 333 days to conquer UNT. by then, there won't be more than a handful of players left in Iota anyway and a huge number of ghost cities left.
    2. if UNT fed on inactive cities that surround them and are in other alliances, they could maintain their city count and have BP left over.
    3. if UNT put up a fight and retaliated regularly, the war would be a quick stalemate and wouldn't end.

    personally, i think #3 would happen, but my point is you'd have to really underestimate UNT to assume they'd just lose outright. if a war did happen, i'd bet more D12 and UNT players would decide to stay on and longer. the actual war in Iota is that of attrition, not any war itself.

    it would be funny if the world ended with a LEGION vs. KOTOR rematch (since it started like that).
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  7. BBCue.. for the first time I don't disagree with you, nor can I find something to argue with just out of fun. You're pretty dead on with that. UNT would NOT lose, nor would D12 win. But as you also understand, the war would be pointless, so don't expect it to happen, at least not any time soon. It would almost be more entertaining to do a mass ghost for a 2.0 world and then check the reactions on the forums. Talk about a bunch of ghosts.. :)
  8. Jennesis

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    I don't know how the majority of D12 feels about any kind of clash between us but I know that UNT is not at all interested even a little bit in fighting D12. Lozz and I mentioned it not too long ago as a "more fun" option than keeping on TDC/Bad Co. The troops looked at us as though we were speaking sanskrit or something, grabbed their pitchforks, and ran after some random TDC/Bad Co player.

    Lozz and I sat down, replenished our spiked cocoa (it was lemonade but with the change in season we've switched it up a bit), and said "well that settles that. Fancy a scone?".
  9. EnasEllinas

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    The North to North East is having a ball

    Attacks and Defense o plenty.

    This weekend was especially interesting for me where I even won the Attacker and Defender award on the same day... usually one or the other... never seen anyone have the pleasure of both. This of course I attribute to the great teammates I have and the relentless enemies we share.

    I say right on to all of us, and sorry you guys can not share in the same kind of festivities.
  10. BBCue

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    invite cabz to the ball, he is located up North and says he's bored :p
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  11. HAxOR69

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    as EnasEllinas said , we are having lots of parties in that area , free drinks , good music , even a BBQ in midnights ;)
  12. We have attacks and defense o plenty here too. The problem is down here they SUCK. It's the quality you have up there as you say... because down here its not quite the same.

    I would attribute attacker and defender of the day to two things..
    1 - your team and enemies as you said, and
    2 - the fact that our enemies down south suck extremely hard.

    It's a good thing though, for a long time the north was missing out on the fun we had down south when the original players of TDC/Bad Co were still around. Now its our turn to watch the grass grow.. lots of colonization being done down here to get to our front lines.. maybe in a month when they all grow up we'll have some action..
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    Sry HERB-Boy that's it's not fun for you any more I'm still thinking of coming Back and Hell might even get my old Side Kick Gabi To join Back as we still talk and keep tabs of what going on here.
  14. It would be nice to have an enemy with some banter. we had it with little brother, that was fun.. had a lot of respect for them as they really stepped up and gave us a good fight.. I still chat to some of their ex-players :)
  15. Lane

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    Do I get invited to this so called "ball"? lmao. :p
  16. BBCue

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    why do i have permanent support at this city? because its the most frequented target of all my cities. few have tried to take it and failed. been attacked there 3 times a week without fail since i got it and is by far my best DBP gainer. quite predictable. in that city, everyone comes by and leaves me a generous tip. ;)

    if you'd like to re-decorate the city, be my guest. :p
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    lol funny stuff
  18. Lane

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    Decorations are already there...Why not?! Heh. ;)
    Although, I'm pretty sure you could re-decorate..I can't see planning missions taking up that much time.

    Is a red paint color okay?

    What about your grass? How picky are you? I'm sure Syl remembers that..Hahahhaa. :D
    The good 'ole days. :(
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  19. Oh joy, come back to a world that you abandoned. Leave when it gets hard, return when its easy? Oh please no, I'm scared :) Not like you can make IOTA any worse though. I'd rather like to punch a REAL TDC in the eye again.. these posers are destroying the name and I'm losing my desire to kill them, its a waste.

    What are you and gabi going to do? Nothing. So.. come back if you have the balls (except for gabi, I sure hope she doesn't have balls)... but just because you're getting all nostalgic and dusting off the old IOTA yearbook doesn't mean your going to do any good. It's too little, too late. If you were a true fighter you would have stayed around, there are only a few originals left in their original accounts, and you sir, are not one of them. If you do come back don't run when it gets hard or you have to make adult choices :pro:
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